Lost My Groove After Injury

Hey guys, so I just go over an injury. I have completed all the physical therapy and then some, everything feels better than ever. It was an ankle and forearm injury. I was so excited to get back into the weight room and start rebuilding all the muscle and physique I have lost. I have been back in for about a month now, and I cannot find my groove. The workouts are sloppy, I don’t feel good like I used too after a work out, now its just fatigue. I know I am not able to do the weight I used too, that doesn’t bother me. But I can’t for the life of me get back into a rhythm or find a plan, any advice?

Do you have a preferred lifting style you gravitate towards? Every time I’ve had to take time off I’ve spent the first 2-3 weeks doing something totally different and it’s helped me get the mojo back quicker.

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I’ve done everything from strongman to powerlifting, but my preferred style lately is body building, at least golden era style bodybuilding.

Do something different than what you did before, so you have no baseline to compare against. This is what I did when I was coming back from an ACL rupture and surgery. Once you get your feet back under you, you can get back to normal.


What are you doing exactly that causes you to not feel good or accomplished?

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I walk into the gym feeling ready to crush the work out, and once I finish the first set it doesn’t feel right. I feel sloppy, and out of whack even though my trainer says I have really really good form.

Definitely sounds like a mental thing then. Do a week of a kettlebell circuits that make you want to vomit and I’m sure you’ll appreciate lifting again :joy:


ok, I’ll bite - how does training for golden era style bodybuilding differ from training for modern day bodybuilding?


That’s what is really hard, building up a momentum. When you have it it’s easy to just keep on doing what you are doing.

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