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Lost Motivation

Hi, i bought 3kg of horleys ripper, fat burning tabs, about a ton of tuna, smash, HOT-ROX, vitamens, fruit veg, egg whites, and everything i need for a solid month of fat burning… but i havent started.

iv been able to postpone it 11 days so far, can any1 plz give me some motivaion, i took a week of gym to prepare for this extreme month (due to injury) but havent got back on the band wagon, anything would help.


Maybe this will help:

Get off your ass and stop whining.
The first step towards going to the gym is to stop whining, and JUST GO! Turn off the damn PC and go.

If you want motivation, the best place to find it is AT THE GYM, not in front of your PC. Just get there and work your ass of, without complaining. That’ll make you motivated.


Stop being a pussy and make it happen!

Look at all that shit you bought! That alone should be motivation b/c otherwise it’s a waste of money!!

All else fails please PM to get my address where you can forward your supplies and I can put them to good use =)

Fuck it. Eat cake and be another fat ass. No one will care, except yourself.

Even though I haven’t been in the game for many years, I can’t see myself as “not feeling motivated” anymore.

I love going to the gym, I look forward to it every day. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I end up doing 2 hour sessions on a Saturday, and then recovering 2 extra days because it was so damn good.

How difficult can it be?

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
Fuck it. Eat cake and be another fat ass. No one will care, except yourself.[/quote]

Exactly don’t get your motivation off a forum, get it from looking in the mirror.