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Lost Motivation to Train


I've been training for a good 5 years (maybe more) and always got my workouts in. unless sick of course.

Before, living alone, it was easy. I would go to work till 7, go to gym after and cook myself a feast back home. Sometimes my girlfriend would come over. She would adjust to my schedule.

I figured this fall that she was pregnant. We moved in together. Completely messed up my routine. She doesn't like to drive during winter, works odd hours, still in school... I want to continue training but it's hard with no routine at all and knowing that will be worse with baby coming.

I've been out of the gym since Christmas... My membership expired too (it was too far anyways). Anybody went through something like this have any advice?


no one gives a fuck about you or your loss o motivation.

no one gives a fuck about you in general

you need to give a uck about yourself

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Its what most people have to go through because we're not professional athletes. University,work,family come first. I'm sure others will have better advice but get used to it and try to get routine i suppose. Talk to her and sort something out.

Or dump her.



Or just stop training.


Do something else.

There must be something physical that is of any interest to you?

Maybe, if she is no longer pregnant you could do it with her?

Obviously a full body workout at least once a week to maintain what you have would be a good idea.

Sooner or later you might want to work out again, or nor, but stay active.


we should all give an uck about ourselves more.

keep spewing the truth, ct.


Tell that bitch to drive any ways and remember you have a pair of balls. Use them.


Do bodyweight stuff. No gym needed and you can do it whenever the fuck you want.


That "bitch" is in the process of becoming the mother of his child and the most basic strategic assessment, i.e. having more common sense than a TSA employee, should tell you that that is not a good idea.


Her feet can't work a peddle?


Her ears cannot process anything with the word "bitch" in it.

Never been around pregnant women?



You should embrace the challenges because there will be more, better to see them as a way to prove yourself to yourself and not let them derail you.

I don't just mean for working out either.

And congrats on the baby on the way. :slightly_smiling:


Home gym. If making the drive is stopping you from training, that's kinda weak. If you still can't make it when it's a 30 second walk away, switch to warcraft.


"I'm not doing jack shit"


Skip all assistance work

It takes 15 minutes...


I went through this same thing due to taking more than full time science courses last year (still am). I decided that I was going to do at least body weight exercises every day, not matter what, and nothing was going to take it from me. That provided a great sense of control. I'm still doing them and am slowly getting back into the swing of working the gym around a crazy-unpredictable schedule.

Put on some music and have fun with it :slight_smile: It's time just for you.


Congrats on the baby!

Dan John had a 2x a week program, this might help.



You're such a sweet kid.


Happened to me after buying a house and starting a new job. priorities in life shift... I still workout so I can enjoy life, but there were more important things in my life at the time, now I'm putting a little more focus on the workouts.

don't stress about it, stay active and do what you enjoy physically.


If there is no other gym within reasonable driving distance, try training at home.

Bodyweight stuff is good to start with. Those Door Gym pullup bars sell for under $30. If you have a little bit more to spend, you can pick up a kettlebell and a TRX. If you the space, maybe get a barbell and some plates.

The advantage of having some equipment at home is that you can fit in a few sets here and there whenever you get the urge and a few minutes of time. After the baby arrives (congratulations BTW), your schedule is only going to get crazier and training will be even harder to schedule.

Getting back your motivation is a sort of self-sustaining cycle, at least for in my experience. Sometimes you have to just force yourself to get started again, but, as soon as you have, your motivation comes charging back full force.


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