Lost Job - Working Out at Home

I have lost my job and am gonna start working out at home. I was hoping you guys could tell me what things I could do.

Right now… I am getting a tire to throw. I hope to get one big enough that it is hard to flip. I am working on sand bags for overhead squats and other things like that. I own an empty lot in my town and I have the space just need some ideas of what I need and what I can do. If you have any ideas please let me know thanks.

Sorry to hear that, man.

I assume you are looking to workout at home without buying any expensive equipment like a power rack (although you might be surprised how cheaply you can pick up used stuff off of Craig’s list and ebay and various other sites).

You could get a used truck tire (they give 'em away for free) in the 400-500 lb. range for tire flips. If you have a sledge hammer, you can do various swings (including hitting the tire).

You can also learn a lot of body weight exercises (some of which are brutally hard) from poking around the Internet for various sites and ideas.

Sprints and tempo runs are always great, as are various jumps, rebounding, plyos, etc.

Good luck.

Low-tech, high-effect!

Spend the $25 for his book “Never Gymless,” and you’ll know what to do at home that will require minimal equipment and money and get you in great shape!

Thanks for the info guys I will be checking into that. Yes I am hoping to get it put together for real cheap. I want to work out like a strong man competition I guess is how I can describe it.

Thanks guys I am going to look into everything you both have mentioned. I want to piece together an effective/cheap home gym.

EliteFTS.com sells “Blast straps” which are essentially metal gymnastic rings. You can rape yourself with theses. I use them when out of town and not at my regular gym. They are like 50-60 bucks and worth every penny.

Sorry about your situation bro, I hope good things are coming your way

something super primitive is just a long bar and some large metal pales… Put some cement(equal amounts) to raise the base weight of the pales and let it harden inside. Fill with water to suit the exercise. Since each liter of water is one kilo, you will be able to change the weight fairly easy. A 20 liter pale 1/4 full of cement weighs about 15 kg plus another possible 15 kg of water. Not much, but cheap and a start…

You cold have and wooden box to step up onto for deads and squats…

Just an idea…

Awesome Ideas I am looking at the blast straps now those look like they could be hell.

Tynanb- I see what you are doing with that I like the Idea but I do own an olympic bar and more then enough weights to do my heaviest lifts with. Is there more to it then a replacement for a bar and weight that I am not seeing? I like that idea though if I did not have an oly bar already.