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Lost iPod - What are You Using?


I recently lost my Ipod what are you all using? I have used Ipod for years but, I am not sure if the price is worth buying a new one.


I bought a smartphone. It has most of my music on it, and it's more convenient than carrying around a phone and an ipod seperately.


I hear iPods are good.


SanDisk..best one Ive had.

Just go to radio shack or something similar and look for a nice one for around 40 bucks....never a need for an expensive ipod.

or, upgrade your phone to one that has an mp3 function....


I'm using your Ipod hahaha
I have an 80 gig, as well as a 4gig Ipod shuffle(~$100CAD). The shuffle works nice enough, small, don't have to worry about damaging it. Just put on what you want to be listening to, set shuffle or loop, and get going.


We have a winner.



Fun Fact of the day : Go on craigslist buy a old/used Ipod, save money and still have a great and reliable mp3 player.


I use a jukebox.


I just use Phil Collins.


I'm pretty sure that makes you gay.


Thanks, thats looks good. How is the sound?


Really good. I like these a lot, great value. I don't use the headphones it came with though, but that goes with ipods as well.


If you're looking for value in terms of buying music, a Zune Pass with a compatible player is the way to go. $10 a month = unlimited music.


The Sansa Clip has very, very good sound quality. I use it with a pair of Sennheisers, and you really can't beat the sound quality.


Ipod Shuffle + Wraparound headphones FTW. Keeps it out of the way, tucked behind your ear, no wires to mess around with EVER, easy access.

You might want to get a more manly color than pink though.


now that's a clever setup!

I'm just using my Blackberry with some Kilpsch S4 headphones. Why spend money on a digital music player when I already have one built into the phone?

I thought just about all cell phones had music capabilities these days.


Most do, I personally prefer sansa clips/ipod shuffles because they are really small and I can clip them onto any part of my shirt during my workout(the only time I use them).


i use my iphone, but instead of downloading all my music on it, i lost alllllll of my music when my computer crashed, i downloaded the pandora app and just let that roll. its awesome.


My Motorolla Droid came with 14g of space, just loaded it up with more music than I can listen to and go. You can also stream Pandora on it and even get a Sirius/XM ap if you want to pay for it.


You'll probably be able to buy YOUR ipod back! LOL