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Lost in Thought

Sup y’all…I’ve been out of the loop here at T-Nation for a while now. I got a promotion about a month ago…then my wife and our two kids went on a driving vacation to Southern Cali., from Colorado. It was actually a great thing we did that. We went to visit my dad who was in Escondido…Anyway, the point of this post…actually I’m not even sure what the point is. Just wanted to share the fact that my dad passed way on Aug. 6th. He was 76 and had COPD and Emphezyma(sp?). He served in the Korean War, raised 4 kids, was married 34 years, owned a couple service stations at different times, and drove a truck 3 million accident free miles over 40 years. Smoked since he was 13 and ate truck stop food which was probably what did him in the most. He went on his own terms, when and how he wanted with no pain and with me right by his side. I honestly have no complaints.

I’ve been to the gym and all trying to get back into something normal and familiar but so far, the workouts have sucked. They’ll get better though I’m sure. Again, not sure what my point is…maybe just trying to get back into the swing of things here at Tnation and back to something normal.

Glad to have you back, my friend.


Sorry about your dad, he sounds like a cool guy. Good to see you posting again :slight_smile:

Kinda funny- I was just thinking about you earlier this week. Some girl was wearing a shirt that said “Lost In Thought, please send search party.”.

Take care man. Sounds like you’ve had a lot on your mind.
A lot of stuff gets sorted out under the bar.

Sorry to hear about your dad. He lived and passed on his own terms, something we should all aspire to.

Sorry about your Dad dude. It’s good to know he enjoyed his life to the end.

It’s okay to stay lost in thought for a while. Too many people don’t think at all.

Grow strong in your mind as well as your body. Sorry for your loss.

Post a lot - stay in touch with everyone.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. It’s nice you and your family were able to see him on your vacation recently though. Life is short. We never when that last good-bye will be.

Glad to see you’re back posting and hitting the gym. Take care.

[quote]lostinthought wrote:
…Anyway, the point of this post…actually I’m not even sure what the point is. [/quote]

I do: you’ve been through a rough patch, and needed to get back where you know there are folk willing to get your back. Welcome back.

Check out the “Brotherhood of Iron” thread started by Amsterdam Animal in this forum. Best thing in a long time, and just what the doctor ordered for someone coming back.

Thanks a ton everyone. Your words mean more than I can say. This site has helped probably a million people. I’m glad to be a part of it.

My condolences

My condolences as well.

Take care,


My Condolences…

Best wishes as you continue on your emotional recovery.

Welcome back.


My condolences on the loss of your father. Keep his memory alive by telling his story to your children. Being a truck driving man, I bet he had quite a few!

Congratulations on your promotion. Keep the beat, drummer boy. Without you, the music has no motion!

Hey, just read the thread. Sorry to hear about your Father.

It’s normal if the world and your workouts don’t have their normal shine for a while…

Treasure your memories and keep on making new ones.

The proud words you speak of your Dad speaks volumes about you. Keep your head up.

Sorry to hear about your dad.The hardest thing I ever went through was my dad’s death. He was my mentor,my best friend,and I miss him every day. I understand the point of your post too,by the way. Sometimes it just feels good to talk about things with like minded brothers and sisters. peace

[quote]lostinthought wrote:
He went on his own terms, when and how he wanted with no pain and with me right by his side. I honestly have no complaints.


My condolences too.

I think you are lucky to have left eachother in way that leaves you with no regrets.

Your post doesnt have to have meaning. If it makes you feel better, type. I’m sorry about your loss. You seem to have been very close to him, thats a good thing. Keep the memories you have of him in your mind at all times.

The workouts will get better, you know that so dont worry much about it.

Congrats on the promotion.

I didnt know your father but I’m sure he would tell you something along the line of…

“Keep on truckin’!”