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Lost Height?

I measured my height this morning at 5’9.75". That’s cool with me, but my girlfriend is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that she measured me at 5’10.75" about 2 years ago when we took my measurements/weight etc. just when I started weightlifting. She’s convinced it’s spinal compression.

In that time I’ve doubled my squat to nearly 400lb, with proportionate increases on overhead presses and deadlifts, so it might be possible, but I doubt it. And surely it would decompress with gravity boots anyway?

Well when people get old they get shorter.

Are you a grandad yet?

Haha, no, I’m 21.

You wouldn’t lose height like that unless you had a herniated disc or something. And you’d know it if you did. One of you mismeasured. Or forgot to account for shoes/sneakers one of the times.

maybe shes just stupid.

Haha, probably

A lot of people have somewhat pliant heights, you might wake up and be 5’10 and then by the time you goto sleep you are closer to 5’9. It is fairly common. It’s usually only a fraction of an inch. If you are actually concerned about this, measure yourself throughout the day. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening…etc.

The other possibility, some people have very extreme arches in their feet, other people don’t. Some people, have arches that, over time, become less pronounced. Although as far as I know most of that stuff happens when we are much younger. But who knows, maybe you have lost a little bit of height due to that.

These topic starters really hit all my neuroses, points of interest or frustration. I’ve studied this topic, for this reason. I didn’t check my height for thirty years, and after my accident with three discs crushed one doc measured me and I was 6-3. Now I realize nobody feels for me but I was PISSED.

It’s like losing size in any bodypart you care about. However, in the subsequent years, with lots of inversion, and rehabilitating my posture and muscles, I got back to 6-4. I actually read somewhere you lose about a quarter inch per decade after 40, but sorry no reference. But most people notice their grandma’s are shorter than they used to be.

And yes, morning height measurements are the best, typically 1/4 inch or slightly more than in the afternoon. One inch differences are not reliable in a young person, barring serious spinal issues.