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Lost Gear Question

Should have pinned Monday however over the weekend car was broken into and I lost the gear. I probably will go 14 days between pins on between week 5-6. How bad is that? They took my pct too.

That sucks. If you are taking long estered drugs, no bigge, I would just add an extra week to your cycle.
Do you live in a car? If you don’t, you shouldn’t have all your gear for a whole cycle and PCT in the car. Really bad move, for theft and for being searched by law enforcement. Learn from this mistake and don’t do it again.

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I kind of do live in my car. Lol. Ex gets my pay. Thanks for the help.

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Fair enough, you do have a good excuse. I hope your circumstances improve.

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But, you got gear?

Your priorities are all fucked up.

Jus saying.



Just in between houses right now champ. Move into new house next week.

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The got these things you can stay in. They’re called hotels.

But you got gear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No girl, no home, and now no gains? Damn, man.

I really am not living in my car. Just have more stuff in it than I
normally would during the transistion.

I’m just trollin you bro. Sorry for your loss. I’ve had my shit broken into several times. I used to work in East New York. I learned to just leave it open.

People suck.

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Thanks Myth
Sucks. First time ever trying gear 5 weeks in and now going to go 2 weeks
waiting for it to get to me. Was making some good gains.

Need some advice. I did my first ever cycle of test cyp 400ml a week. I
was 5 weeks into when my gear was stolen. I thought I could get more in a
short amount of time but it took 3 weeks. So I went 3 weeks with no pins. I
didn’t have PCT either because it was also stolen. I learned my
lesson… I have more gear now and PCT. can I just start again and take
another 5 Pins and then the nolva?