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Lost Gear Question


Should have pinned Monday however over the weekend car was broken into and I lost the gear. I probably will go 14 days between pins on between week 5-6. How bad is that? They took my pct too.


That sucks. If you are taking long estered drugs, no bigge, I would just add an extra week to your cycle.
Do you live in a car? If you don’t, you shouldn’t have all your gear for a whole cycle and PCT in the car. Really bad move, for theft and for being searched by law enforcement. Learn from this mistake and don’t do it again.


I kind of do live in my car. Lol. Ex gets my pay. Thanks for the help.


Fair enough, you do have a good excuse. I hope your circumstances improve.


But, you got gear?

Your priorities are all fucked up.

Jus saying.




Just in between houses right now champ. Move into new house next week.


The got these things you can stay in. They’re called hotels.

But you got gear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No girl, no home, and now no gains? Damn, man.


I really am not living in my car. Just have more stuff in it than I
normally would during the transistion.


I’m just trollin you bro. Sorry for your loss. I’ve had my shit broken into several times. I used to work in East New York. I learned to just leave it open.

People suck.


Thanks Myth
Sucks. First time ever trying gear 5 weeks in and now going to go 2 weeks
waiting for it to get to me. Was making some good gains.


Need some advice. I did my first ever cycle of test cyp 400ml a week. I
was 5 weeks into when my gear was stolen. I thought I could get more in a
short amount of time but it took 3 weeks. So I went 3 weeks with no pins. I
didn’t have PCT either because it was also stolen. I learned my
lesson… I have more gear now and PCT. can I just start again and take
another 5 Pins and then the nolva?