Lost Clomid Mid PCT

So I am on the following pct following a Test E cycle.

Day 1: clomid 150mg nolva 60mg
Day 2 - 11: clomid 100mg nolva 40mg
Day 12- 21: clomid 50mg nolva 20mg

I am currently on day 12 but just found out as I was traveling yesterday all my liquid clomid spilt out. I still have a shit ton of nolva but also have arimidex and letro on hand. Just trying to figure out how best to adjust my PCT for the second half.

You will be fine, research @KSman pct thread, more then enough info.

You shouldn’t have been running clomid and nolva together in the first place. They don’t interact well, even though I’m sure you’ve found plenty of people saying they do. So you’re better off now. You were also dosing way too high with both compounds. you should have been running nolva by itself at 20mg from the start. Your dosing is insane and counterproductive.

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