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Lost Cell Phone


So I was out visiting some relatives in Iowa City the other nigh and I lost my cellphone on a park bench. Can you guys help me out if you live in Iowa City? It's my first phone and I do school work on it (online school), email my coaches, and boss I need it badly. I hope no one tries to unlock it and give it to a friend. I really hope my SIM card is still in it if it's found. What a douche bag if anyone did in fact s find it, threw away my SIM card and doesn't believe that "finder keepers, losers weepers" bullshit.





hey if you have the unlock code I will help you. Just give me that and your personal info.

My buddy is right here and he wants to help too.


HAHA. I haven't seen any of these threads in a while.....


Whoa Whoa Whoa....they named a city after Iowa? Gay.


Hey OG if you're serious, go read the "Found a Cell Phone" thread ... you'll get the joke


it's a good thing you're pretty

I get the joke, I'm not quite that blonde =)
I was trying to be funny!!!!!


Well don't i feel like an ass ...


Shes a woman, very common to think they don't have a clue.

No worries dude


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sure you didn't drop it in a toilet?


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Maybe if you give it to a bartender she will give you free drinks.


Well I gave her my number, she's probably trying to call me for a hook up right now...