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Lost Bro...

I read about this in the paper recently.It’s pretty sad when a bunch of punks get together crash a party,get tossed and then return for revenge.Especially,in a suburb like burlington ontario.The problem is the police have not acted fast enough,although they have witnesses they have no weapon.My understanding.There was a similiar incident that happened last summer,in burlington.A group of guys out back having a few beers were confronted by 2 young men(18 to 20)who climbed in over the backyard fence.Again crashing the party.After being asked to leave,several other punks jumped over the fence out of nowhere.Thank GOD,the neighbours were out back in the next yard.These were also T-Men,hell,one was an ex Ticat(CFL player).But out numbered.Again it took almost a year before charges were pressed.Maybe the Police should be warning others.Don’t kick them out,call the police in.My heart goes out to them involved.Sad to see when a gang of punks destroy a life.Comes a time when someone will take revenge,then what?Will the cops take a year?

do they have the right to bear arms? If I remember correctly they don’t, right?

It is legal to bear arms in Canada, but there are alot of restrictions, you have to have a license for any firearm and permits for restricted weapons … hand guns may only be transported to & from a range.

Better to take a year and get a conviction than to do a half ass investigation and lose it in court. They have a harder job than most realize. I’m not trying to be over critical of you but, do you know how the system works? Alot of times police departments can’t have too many detectives because it would leave the streets bare and then you have detectives juggling 30-40 cases. Look into it. Go on a ride along (if they allow it) and find out what the men in blue really do for you. Too many people are critical of the police, but never take the time to see what really goes on. I think you’d be surprised.

Sounds to me like it’s the Young Offenders Act at work again. For our U.S. readers this part of the criminal code in Canada give individuals under the age of 18 a virtual licence to kill. You would not believe the stories of teenagers who despite commiting 1st degree murder serve (approx) no more than 3 years in jail.