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Lost Around 90lbs, Need Some Advice

October 2008 I posted this link on T-Nation

It was about my beginning with the V-Diet, long story short I lost around 25lbs by day 15 or so and completely lost control with my eating style and gained 10lbs, along with the 25lbs I had lost, seeing me at the first attached picture; 260lbs, or also know as morbidly obese.

It’s September 2009 now and I am currently 177lbs (Goal is a leaned 165lbs). I started fighting Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Huntington Beach; I’ve trained with Cris Cyborg, Wanderlei Silva, Frabricio Werdun, and Evangelista Cyborg - Just to list a few.

I used two T-Nation products left over from my V-Diet experience, HOT-ROX EXTREME and Flameout. Both products came recommended highly and I agree with that.

I’m planning on fighting around 155-160 range so I believe my maintained weight goal is realistic for me in the sense of dropping weight before fights, etc. I’m now part of a weight lifting regimen with our top fighters and am continuing Muay Thai and BJ-J. When loosing the weight I did long distance running 3-5 miles (ave 9:00-10:00 minutes) now because I need my body to learn to recover faster (while fighting) I do quick sprints with rests (interval training I believe it’s called).

My question is if there is any advice around loosing pockets of weight I’m seemingly having trouble with; my belly seems to be a core area of destruction, if now, the skin is having trouble fixing itself and seems to be loosing the battle. What can I do to help this?

Also could anyone recommend a weight training program that fits my goals as an MMA fighter? My physique is now an important priority for me and my nutrition has helped a lot with my weight loss, now I need go pound for fat lost, gained for pound of muscle, is that realistic?

-Josh Jones

This is me currently:. In clicking the photo you can see the area of skin I’m referring to under my belly.


Looks like a smiley face. I would leave it, looks good! Congratulations on your progress! You have come a long way.

Same thing happened to me when I lost around 80 pounds in a year. It just takes a while for your skin to really reposition itself. Vitamin E lotion and stretch mark lotion helps a lot. What really worked for me was gaining muscle. Really helped pull my skin a little tighter. I too have that little patch of skin on the stomach area. I had to drop to around 5% body fat to completely get rid of it.