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Lost Approx 11lbs of Muscle in 2 wks


Excuse my rant but I'm pissed off. I'm pissed off because I lost approx 11lbs in just 12 weeks due to a chest infection. My freaking biceps went down from 16.1 inch at 5'4 down to 15.5 inch. My deltoids are smaller. My back lost a lot of its V taper and instead I got freaking love handles. Gut went way the fuck up. 2 weeks. 2 fucking weeks and 4 months of training went straight into the garbage.

Cool story bro eh?

Yup. Now here's the kicker. I'll try gain back my muscle in about 7 weeks just by training twice a week, and occasionally 3 times a week. You say bullshit? Well. I say it's possible. Funny thing is I gained those 11 lbs of muscle in a couple of months of training not in 4 months like I said above. Just by training twice a week with a low dose steroid protocol. Much MUCH lower then you guys think with no PCT. No side effects.

2 weeks ago I weighed at 211 lbs at 5'4. bf on the higher side allright, I estimate it at around 15% bf. That's about 180lbs of muscle on a 5'4 frame. A far cry from being big. But not small either. Some will say 'you're not ready for AAS'. I like the 5 lbs of muscle I gained in a month, so gimme a break. I'm not asking for advice I'm just doing a rant.

Attached is an image of how I looked like. Excuse the quality of the image. That's unpumped and is relaxed nothing of that bullshit to seem bigger. Nothing special but people told me I looked big...2 weeks ago.

If I do succeed I'll post my training regimen, supplement regimen, and yes, even my steroid protocol. The steroid protocol will only be posted by PM to those that I know that would benefit from it and that happen to have a knowledge regarding AAS which is far greater than I have tough.

As far as training goes, its brutal. I had a training session 4 days ago and am still a bit tired. After the gym I was white, shaking, was feeling chills all over my body, and had the classic black patch under my eyes. All in under an hour. Almost everything to failure. I ate and ate a lot. protein over 350G on training day.

Keep in mind I'm only 5'4, so approx 180lbs of LBM, if I do gain them back are quite noticeable (waiting for prof X on this one :P. I do respect the guy tough, so I do appreciate his feedback if he has any). But anyway. I'll see how this thing goes. If it works I'll post. If it doesn't, the hell with it, I'll say it. Hell starts this week.



Good luck man. It sucks getting sick. I'm pulling for ya.


You'll rebound quickly. A detrained person always gains back what they've lost far faster than someone untrained who was never there to begin with. Work hard, eat, it will come back faster than you think.


Damn, BC. I had no idea you were an iron dwarf like myself! I'd love to weigh that much.

Go for it and keep us posted.


Thanks for the support guys. I really do appreciate your comments. It's nice to have someone give you a 'boost' even on a forum.


i'm alot smaller than you, but i lost 9lbs and 50lbs on my 1RMs about 2 months ago when i had some virus. I simply couldnt eat for days.
Its been 2 months, but i'm got back the 9 plus 2 more.


I lost like 8 pounds when I was on vacation + got the swine flu. Basically a half month without training, shitty food, and illness.

I've got 5 of those pounds back in a week. Not been eating more than I did prior to the illness. Rebound effect I guess.


Update: Today I woke up and was dizzy and tired. I went to work. Was still dizzy and tired. I slept for 4 hours after work and woke up. Still tired. Don't know what the hell is going on. I hope I don't get sick again. Don't wanna lose more muscle mass.


Ease into it...if you push it too fast, too hard before you're ready your body will just force you to take more time off. Be smart.




Maybe a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Go check your blood levels, or if you don't want to spend money on going to the doc, just start taking supplements for most vitamins and minerals and see if it improves.


Update: Back is getting wide again and gained some thickness back. Chest gaining mass again. Arms getting visibly bigger. Shoulders too. Fat is still an issue, but I'm gaining mass back at least. Strength wise I gone up. Still not at the level I was in the pic I posted, but slowly getting there again.

Peace out.



Looks like depression. Have you taken stimulants for a long time?


nah. I just need to sleep a bit more that's all. I'm avoiding stimulants for now since they tend to make me feel tired as hell after a while. The ephedrine 2 days on 2 days off protocol works well for me tough when I want to give a boost to fat loss. But then again I'm in a mass gaining phase. Quite honestly a carb cycling approach with no stimulants cept some coffe pre workout works well for me to gain muscle while minimizing fat gain. I gained 1/2 inch to both arms in like what...a couple of weeks? Feel better all around. At least I got 16 inch arms now (I'm only 5'4). Still not as big as before but anyway...I'm gaining size steadily and am always hungry/horny as hell.



yep I can see in your avatar, good to hear things are going well!


I feel the love bro


Sounds like water weight, not real muscle loss. This happened to me to a lesser extent in the past when I got food poisoning, it all came back in a couple of weeks of hard training.


Update: Gained some considerable weight. I'm fat now all right but on a positive note I'm stronger now then I was in that picture. Current weight is hovering around 97Kgs on empty stomach. Only thing that's bothering me is some chest pain I have during the day and some mild anxiety attacks there and there. I'll slow down the bulking process a tad and be 'harsher' in my carb cycling approach due to the obvious excess fat gain.

Bigger overall tough. Lifts going up steadily. If it was not for the extra fat I'm carrying I'd be happy. But anyway, as long as I can lift more and more I'm satisfied...Let's see how everything goes in the long term.



Hey I don't know shit about AAS, although if you're taking a stack why even bother with carb cycling? I have used carb cycling in the past and my strength gains were far from optimal. You're protein seems very high, I imagine having carbs consistently throughout the week would help your recovery and make the most out of your supps.

Just a thought.


Like many have already said, the fact that you have been bigger before is exactly why you will gain it back quickly. Good luck brother!