Lost All My Gains During PCT

Haha. No I don’t want to see the word safe on here. That’s the whole point of all these kcals I spent :grinning:. And I don’t want to use the word safe.

Option 3. We agree best practice and ISO standards (+ apparently uncommon sense) would support changing the word safe to “safer” or use the term “risk reduction” as the adjective modifying the word “method” in the AAS forum description. Then we move on knowing we all did our best to make TNation better (which is a shared goal for all of us; at least I hope).

Thanks for your kind words. I catch a lot of crap at home for posting on here and I don’t understand why I would be banned. Is this the equivalent of suicide by cop?? Suicide by Colucci? :innocent:

If I do get banned I am genuinely curious what the reason will be for the ban. That could be entertaining. I guess I’ll be part of a strange club…“this dude had to go; he cared too much and made only logically coherent and technically sound arguments. That can’t be allowed on our forum.”

However, I sincerely don’t want a ban and am not looking for one. I’ve done my best and given what I could. I have never appealed to authority on here and believe everyone should be judged by the technical merits of their arguments and soundness of their logic.

Be well and to your health kind Sir.

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I’ll take the illusion! I know this is probably the wrong thing to say, but my primary concern isn’t the amount of plates I’m adding to the bar or how many PBs I’m smashing every week. If that’s a byproduct of looking good, then I’ll happily take it, but my main goal when taking AAS is to improve my aesthetic appearance. If I achieve that through water and glycogen then I can live with that :joy:

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Thanks all for your contributions! I’m not really that bothered about signing up to BnC for the rest of my life. Prior to taking AAS, I was showing signs of low T anyway, so I can’t say my natural levels are anything I’m yearning for. Equally, I’m not bothered about having kids either, so fertility problems aren’t a concern.

It’s 5 weeks since the last jab from my 14 week blast. In this 5 weeks I’ve had 2 weeks of HCG and 2 subsequent weeks of PCT. I’m now in my first week of TRT dosing. Do I need to wait 9 more weeks until I can blast again ideally? Guessing the bloods will dictate this one…

Time on = time off

So what do you hope to learn from the blood work? Based on that answer, what does that tells you about when to draw the blood work?

We’re agreed on that.

“Hey Admin, I think you should change this thing, here’s why.”

“Yeah, forum guy, I kinda get what you’re saying, but I disagree. There’s no reason to change it.”

“I mean, I really think it should change. Here’s why.”

“I understand what you’re saying, but you’re mistaken. It’s not changing.”

“I really, really think it should change. Here’s why.” [rephrases argument 40+ times in two different threads over the course of one week]

“I said no. Now drop it.”

“But it should change. Here’s why.” [suspended one week.]

[returns from suspension] … “So here’s why I think it should change” … [gets reprimanded] … [11 days later… ] “LOL, see, here’s a perfect example of why you should change it.”

“No, it isn’t. And no, it won’t. No. To repeat myself for the ninth time in less than a month, No.”

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Nothing wrong with that, just watch not to fall into permablast and/or permabulk territory and try looking at it more like “Buncha steps forward, couple steps back”.

When you say you “lost all gains”, what kind of numbers are we talking about?

Height (for context), starting weight/ending weight, general bodyfat guesstimate?

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I myself am a man child.

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Just want to delve into this a little bit more. Its the exact experience I would bet 90% of users get. I’ve been there myself when I dabbled in my early years. You think cycling is going to make you huge, it works to a degree, and then you lose most to all of your apparent size during PCT. So the net sum is that you’ve endangered your HPTA function and overall health for nothing.

This is why ONLY those that are lifers in the gym should partake. The OP may be one of those guys and still had a bad experience. Point being even if you do everything right… one cycle can still end up as a net loss. Leave the cycles to the pros, BnC guys, or TRT plus guys.

Hell… delete the word ‘cycle’ from the whole process because it just doesn’t work.

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Man children can be a LOT of fun to hang out with.

However if I ever look to rely or depend on anyone for something (rare for me), a man child is the last person I’d pick

Not intending to offend you btw, however the irresponsible adult phase isn’t something you want to follow you around long term.

You started PCT too early. The standard bro knowledge of 2 weeks in between last jab and PCT is BS.

Research test stasis/taper if you want to cycle successfully. Otherwise its blast and cruise, which if you want children, is a no go.


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Sincere thanks to @Tim_Patterson. I am very proud of you and this site for taking a stand.


Thank you @Tim_Patterson! You are a gentleman.


Hope you learned something in prison. Most criminals are repeat offenders, don’t get yourself back in there brother! :smiley:


More like exile for a while. Reinforced for me it takes a lot of work to do the right thing some times, but even if it is adding one letter to one word you should always try to do the right thing.

Also learned Tim Patterson is a principled and intelligent human being; we agree safer is a much better descriptor than safe.


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ThErE’s a NeW gUy On HeRe bY tHe nAmE oF @tareload I ThInK yOu’D gEt AlOnG wItH



Actually we can’t stand each other. Tareload did ok but he said something about a long vacation.


He’s your… evil TWIN!


now wait a minute

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Am I the last person to realize this was an anagram? I am, aren’t I