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Lost Adex Mid-Cycle. Advice?

I’m mid-cycle and while on vacation somehow lost my whole bottle of adex. Very quickly went online and ordered more. Paid for expedited shipping hoping to not get myself into a situation. The company I bought from says even though I paid for expedited it doesn’t change anything. My package is due Saturday at this point. Does anyone have a recommendation. Thank you in advance.

You’ll probably be ok for 4 days

It’ll be a week. I’m very susceptible to gyno. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but I expect issues. I’m just frustrated. They literally told me expedited shipping doesn’t get it to you any more quickly. Why offer it then?

Sounds like your e2 is already skyrocketing. You are whining about shipping to a forum for steroids. Stay away from alcohol, get sleep. Did you take all of your supplies with you? No nolvadex? I dont see your cycle description either.

Take 100mg zinc in the meantime.

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If you expect them, you’ll probably get them. Mind over matter!

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I know how to properly cycle. Yes, I brought everything with me and my bag was “lost” at a hotel. Shit happens. I’ve had gyno issues before so I’m very careful to have everything in order before cycling. Nolva and Prami were also in there. I’ve never had anything taken from a hotel room. I don’t drink and sleep as much as is possible. On Tren I usually don’t sleep more than 5 hours. Someone suggested Zinc. I’ll try that. I didn’t think cycle was important as I know what I need. For the record 400 test, 800 tren. Per week pin 200/400 Monday Thursday. 1mg adex eod, .25 prami Ed. I’ve never seen prolactin issues but better safe…

The zinc is good for TRT level doses.
Which country are you in?
I would go explain to the chemist what’s up and ask for a few adex pills.
You have nothing to lose. I hope you are in Eastern Europe because your chances are pretty high of finding a pharmacy that will dispense no questions asked.

Unfortunately I’m in Michigan. I know it would be easier to handle in other countries/locales.