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Lost a Workout Program

Help! I’m relatively sure I read about the following program here, but for the life of me (and google’s) I’m unable to find it again.

Although I can remember the fundamentals I would like to read through the program again.

What I can remember:

  1. Calculate/find your 3RM
  2. For the first workout do 10 reps of your 3RM with 60 seconds between reps. Isolation exercises need not apply (except for biceps probably).
  3. At the next session for the same bodypart knock the rest down to 45 seconds
  4. Continue until the rest periods are down to 15 seconds, then recalculate the 3RM and start at 60 seconds again.

Could someone point me in the direction of the original articles or forum post


It sounds like Singles Club by Waterbury, can’t say I would actually use that however.

i haven’t seen it on here but i have done it from a muscle mag before i knew of this site

it’s exactly what you posted

10 x 1 rep w/ 60secs rest btw reps…each week drop rest to 45, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10secs using 3RM…

i did it and had alright gains with it doing bench, row and shoulder press on mon, wed, fri rwspectivly but i would suggest doing only 2 movements, use a 4 - 5RM instead as you want to get all the reps each session but make sure you don’t add too much accesory work

i believe that’s called cluster sets…not that the definition makes a difference, but knowing the terms may help you find the program on the site. i’ve implemented a similar approach with deadlifts, where after i pull the highest weight for that session, i then decrease weight by about 7-8% and do 3-5 more singles with 70-80 seconds between reps. i’ve made pretty good progress, but it’s very taxing, and easy to slack off on perfect form, so be careful.

I’m fairly positive you’re referring to Rest-Pause Training by Mike Mahler, in which he uses the parameters that you outlined to break someone in to this style of training. Search for it in the Authors section.

Yup, that’s it Leon. Thanks

Here’s a direct link for any interested ppls