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Lost a Lot of Weight, Started Lifting Again


over the last few months i lost alot of weight mostly fat, but i lost a fair bit of muscle and strength aswell, essentially i wasen't living at home and i was barely eating, but i was still doing chin ups and stuff to try and maintain what i could, i have joined the gym again now, wrote myself a split routine its back and bi's day today, what im struggling with the most, is trying to workout how much weight to lift now,

seeings as i got weaker, but its hard to go into the gym and bench half of what you used to, makes you feel weak and like your never going to make progress, so what im going to do is, im going to keep a workout diary and post it online and see how much i can gain in the next two weeks, has anyone got any good meal idea's that are high in protien but not too big in size, as i can't eat as much as i used to haha, i weigh around 190 pounds atm, but i don't look it really, and i can't eat that much throughout the day,

saying that i did just eat a phat 5 egg omlette with 3 slices of bacon in it because i was hungry haha.


[quote]steelgripshwanky wrote:
seeings as i got weaker, but its hard to go into the gym and bench half of what you used to, makes you feel weak and like your never going to make progress[/quote]
Keep your eyes focused on your actual goals and current abilities, not living in what you used to do. It sounds like you were eating like crap and training mostly like crap (no offense), so simply getting those two issues in order again should get you back on track closer to where you were.

Definitely a good idea.

How much what you can gain - muscle, bodyweight, strength? In any case, two weeks isn’t enough time to really see any significant changes.

What is your exact goal right now - build back muscle, drop fat, (re)gain strength? That’s going to influence how you should arrange your nutrition. Very generally speaking, something like the 100g Carb Cure could be a place to start, adjusting the total calories depending on your goals.

You can’t physically, like you get full on low calories, or you can’t schedule-wise, like you don’t have much time to eat during the day?

Nothing necessarily “wrong” with a ginormous bacon and egg omelette depending what else you eat that day.


im just trying to bulk up again atm, and i mean i struggle to get all the food inside me haha so i have alot of milk and protein shakes if i literally cannot eat, im a qualified gym instructor i have just been out of it for so long, and i feel shitty haha, but things are going alright atm my lifts are slowly getting back up, not close to where they used to be,

but i think most of the problem is co-ordination i haven’t done those movements in so so long that i think my body forgets how haha, my biceps fatigue very very fast atm, but its something that will improve with time i guess, thank you for all your help buddy i appreciate it :slight_smile: i’ll take what you said and check out those links too :slight_smile:


You won lots of medals for how much you can accomplish in a month, a week, 3 days, 1 day.
Ask your grandpa he will say they used to take decades, years and many months to accomplish stuff.
Good luck and i mean the real fast luck !