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Lost a Grandfather

Never thought I would have to succumb to the pain, agony and emotional train wreck that losing a love one brings. I tried to stay emotionally strong throughout his whole hospital ordeal but slightly broke down when he was moved to ICU for brain swelling from his stroke. I didn’t break down when he died, but broke down today looking at old pictures. Saturday is going to be a nightmare at his viewing, I think I’m going to just self implode.

The man was like a second father to me, hell, he practically raised me while I was growing up and taught me everything I know about the outdoors. It’s going to be a rough couple years ahead when fishing seasons, hunting seasons and college graduation comes and he’s not with me.

Sorry about the rant, as I’m sure many others have been in this situation but the first time is as they say the hardest of them all.

I lost my dad and my oldest sister. I have a pretty good idea what you’re going thru. He may be gone, but never forget him.

Sorry to hear that man, you and yours are in my prayers.

Hey bro - I’m really sorry for your loss. Don’t let the tears stop you looking at the pictures and remembering.

Go to pieces if you need to, the pain of loss is terrible. It may take a while for you to heal and smile again but you will.

Take care.

Never forget what he taught you and pass it on.

That is one of the best things that you can do. Do you think that is what he wanted?

[quote]Chewie wrote:
Never forget what he taught you and pass it on.

That is one of the best things that you can do. Do you think that is what he wanted?[/quote]

Most definitely. He loved the outdoors and everything to do with them, hell he grew up on a farm with 12 brothers and a sister. So I’m going to do my best to pass his knowledge on to my kids.

Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. I really appreciate it. I know I can always rely on my T-brothers for support during rough times.

My condolences friend. I lost my djedo (grandpa) and my dad within 9 days of each other. I know how you feel.

Memory Eternal.

I lost my Nanny (grandmother) almost 12 years ago. I had grown up with her and was closer to her than my mother. She was my very best friend, just an amazing woman who lived an amazing life. When I got the news that early morning, I lost it, i don’t even really remember that morning, I felt like I was losing my mind, so outa control. So I know exactly how you feel. Years later when something cool happened I’d find myself picking up the phone to call her.
I 100% agree with others, keep looking at the pictures, keep remembering those great stories you two shared, share memories as often as you can.
The best advice I ever heard was something true and almost harsh, but good, and I want to pass it along to you:

Don’t let people tell you it will stop hurting. It never stops hurting, you just get more used to the pain.

Allow yourself to cry, it doesn’t make you any less strong.

Big Hugs!


Hey Sweetie,

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. There is something super special about grandparents.

We are here for you if you need us!

Keep your chin up.

Big hug & kiss…


Sorry about your loss.
I never saw my grandfathers, so i dont know how you must have felt. When i lost my grandmothers, it was hell on earth. I can feel your pain. Stay strong.