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Lost a Few Pounds--Impromptu Pic


Okay, for the first time decided to drop a few pounds of flab. Stats: 35 years OLD!, 5'10", 213lbs, BF?

I actually have abs, think I forgot to flex them for the pic!! Flame away bros and gals!


Excellent physique bro. Good balance of size and conditioning.

Whatever you're doing - which I assume is lifting weights and eating ; ) - keep doing it!


Powerful physique bro! Can't really say more then that you obviously know what you are doing.

Great job,



Ridiculous quads

Awesome physique


Funny someone mentioned the quads: I haven't trained legs for over 3 years! My lower body grows at twice the rate of my upper, and after powerlifting training for years left me with huge ass, thighs and traps. Taken this long just to get this kind of balance. Thanks for the kind words.


Agree, quads look very impressive.

I've never noticed it before, but veins on the abs look hardcore.


Well done.


Damn man, you look solid. Do you mind going into your training a bit? Do you still powerlift at all? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


why flame you look great!


Good work dude. Ideal physique. Can you share some dieting and conditioning you did to get into that kind of shape? Before and after stats and time frame of fat loss?


quick question how many years training, and what kind of stats such as lifts since you mentioned you were power lifter.


holy shit youre thick. Great work!


To answer a few ques: I'll be 36 in less than two months, been training since I was 13, so almost 23 years.

I've trained primarily for limit strength the last 10 yrs, only doing bodybuilding training the last year or so due to an accumulation of injuries including 4 herniated discs, torn both pecs, rotator tears, etc.

I train with weights only on Mon/Wed/Fri.
Monday: Heavy Chest/Rowing-midback/Tris-very heavy, low reps
Wed: Posterior chain/traps/weak points
Fri: Light chest, Pulldowns or chins/shoulders/bis-Lactate workout

Note that I do little to no leg work. Years of squatting left my legs light-years ahead of my upper body. No playing catch up. Also note little to no direct arm work. I'm an "arm guy", meaning my arms and shoulders grow out of proportion to my chest and back.
I do abs/calves/neck/forearms on an "as needed" basis, or when I can fit them in.

On Mon I do 40+ min steady state low intensity cardio.
On Wed I do HIIT for up to 20 min on elliptical machine.
ON Friday I do 30+ min moderate intensity cardio.
I also fit in additional cardio sessions when I have time on Tues/Thurs/Sat and or Sun. I avg 4-5 cardio sessions per week.

My best lifts:
445 bench, 620 squat and 580 deadlift (hate deadlifts)
Currently can only do 400 bench, 500+ squat, 535 deadlift, (these are without support gear). I know this as I just did a PL comp without training, while dieting just for the hell of it.


Almost forgot Joebob's ques (gotta love Bronson!)
I stay moderately lean year round as it's easier for me to stay lean than to put on mass.

I dieted for about 12 weeks, simply lowering carbs and consuming most of them post workout. I eventually went down to 1800-2000 kcal/day, approx 200+g protein, ~75g or less carbs, 75-80g fat (primarily from nuts, natty pb, omega-3's, olive oil, etc). I go by "feel" as to when I need a "refeed" day.

It's usually once every 5-7 days, I just roughly double my carb intake, drop the fat a bit and don't really count calories that day, probably get around 2500-2750+ on refeed day.
I started at 228lbs and 12 weeks later am around 210-215 depending on the impact of my refeed days.

"The rest of the story":
5'10", currently 213lbs, ??BF%
Chest 48 3/4"
Upper arm: 18 5/8"
Waist at umbilicus: 33 1/2"
Thighs: 26"
Calves: 18"


You look good also what are your shoulders measuring?


Brutus, never measured shoulders, but I'll assume you just run the tape around them? I get 54 7/8".


I gave you a 10.

I guess that's what 23 years of hard work accumulates to. Great job man.

Can we get a back shot?



Good job man, looking ripped and hard.

I like the bar pic in your profile, there must have been an empty radius of seats around you guys!!! Haha!

10, keep it up.


I gave a 10 as well. Congrats.


that is pretty damned solid. Is your left forearm a little bit smaller or is it a mirage/angle/lighting?