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Lost a Bit of Weight

I used to be 103Kg (226lbs). After a few years of messing with diets and not seeing any results I tried PSMF. And it worked quite well. See for yourself.


After 1.5 Years: (I weigh 140 pounds here)

After 3 months of light bulking: (About 150 pounds)

Right now I’m trying to gain lean mass until I weigh 180 pounds, cut some fat and do it again until I reach my goal of weighing 190 pounds with 8% bodyfat.

I’ll try to post my bulking diet soon.

-These pictures are absolutely horrendous.

-I suppose your camera has some sort of focus so we can atually see what’s in them? Use it.

-Then use the “upload” function on the site so we don’t have to click all those frickin links.

-Don’t give yourself a 10 (or what ever you gave) since the current 5.2 doesn’t reflect your physique.

-Lastly post these kinda of posts in the Beginners section.

Good luck with your training :slight_smile:

I’ll never understand why people use the rate my physique section to put up their first post. It would better suit them to look around to see what’s appreciated. Are they just fishing for compliments?

Dude, eat something, you look scary

swole as hell

Why do all the guys keep trying to show us their frank and beans? Pull your F’ing pants up. You get a 1

Very good work with the fat loss. I think you went a little too far with that, but whatever. You shdve bulked up a bit more before adding those pictures. Do whatever you need and post your pictures after adding another 20-30 pounds of LBM. Good luck.

I have to agree with rbpowerhouse you do seem to thin

Good job on the fat loss, concentration camp look isn’t pretty though. You have a solid foundation, now eat up and but some beef on your frame.