Lost 65 Pounds, Anxious about What's Next

Hey guys,

Before the book begins I just wanna stress how crazy I’m going, I literally won’t be able to sleep until someone smarter than me tells me either I’m doing the right stuff or i should dump this stuff immediately. hahaha HELP!

I need some real advice and opinions from some of y’all. I’ve recently lost 65lbs, without the help of any supplements. Its been a long process but I made it. Now Im to the point where I am wanting to get rid of the remain fat and lean down into muscle. Im 24 and Im 5’6" and i currently weigh 155lbs (I measured body fat and it came to 35mm (for what its worth). I’ve been very skeptical of using supplements as Im of the all natural mind frame, so thus far i haven’t gone with the supplement route. Until today. I was recommended M-Factor, Phorm Formula 1, Ignition (for post workout) then i was recommended Royal 21 King (This is what Im wondering about.) Now up until now I’ve been dieting hard for the last 6 months. This is what I would consumer during a day. 1 Cup of yogurt for breakfast, 1 Chicken Breast Filet for lunch, and then 1 chicken breast filet for dinner as my main goal was to shred as much weight as possible.

So bought the Formula 1, Ignition, Royal 21 King. But the guy also sat down with me and went over what my new diet should be (this is was is causing me some serious anxiety.) He wants me to eat 6 meals a day. Now keep in mind I’ve just gotten done losing 65lbs. If i don’t watch how much food i eat in a day I am able to gain 2-3lbs a day by just eating three meals a day. So he has me taking my M-factor in the morning along with (2) T-21, (1) Royal King then He wants me to eat, 3 eggs and toast for breakfast. Then at lunch he wants me to eat a chicken breast (Palm size portion) along with some brown rice and baby carrots. Then at about 3pm he wants me to eat 4-5 slices of chicken breast in a whole wheat tortilla with some lettuce, with that he wants me to take another (2) T-21’s and (1) Royal King. Then for dinner at 6pm He wants me to eat some type of protein either lean burger on a wheat bun or steak and whole wheat pasta and a broc****. Then a few hours later at 9pm He wants me to eat 2 rice cakes. Then at 11:00pm he wants me to eat a 6oz Steak then a hour before bed take (1-3) C-21’s. Along with consuming 120oz of water throughout the day.

Does this sound like a good plan for someone who has just lost 65lbs and is wanting to lean down? Because to (and ill be the first to say i know nothing about nutrition) me it sounds crazy for someone who is able to put on 2-3lbs of weight in a single day if he’s not doing the right things.

I am weight training now, as i was just doing strictly cardio to shred weight. Now I’m moving onto strictly weight training to get rid of the belly fat and man boobs. My anxiety level is through the f’in roof right now because of this meal plan he has me on sounds like crazy talk for someone who is trying to lean down after already having lost 65lbs. If its gonna be two weeks before i see any progress, in my mind i could a TON of damage to me weight if i eat 6 meals a day for the next 14 day if this Royal 21 and this guys advice doesn’t pan out.

So I am looking for insight from trainers, nutritionist, other supplement users and anyone else that can give me their two cents as, I’m gonna have no finger nails left by the end of this 14 day period. if someone doesn’t put my worries at ease with some real insight from a professional who isn’t trying to push a product to make some money. IDC about the money i spent, I just want to know whats best for me and my weight and desires. SO PLEASE HELP ME! ahahaha because I don’t think I’m gonna get much sleep till someone who know whats their talking about either puts my worries at ease or tells me to drop this **** and “just keep doing it naturally like you’ve been doing so far”.

Sorry about making a book out of the post, but Im losing my mind and I just wanted to give whom ever wants to lend me a hand enough background to make an informed response.

If i posted this in the wrong area please forgive me as I’m a nervous as hell and am dying for some answers. If so, i apologize.

Honestly, I think you should hook up with a reputable trainer/coach. Just reading your posts tells me that you need to be observed a bit and have someone to not only bounce ideas off, but someone with an authority on the subject you can trust.

You dont have the knowledge or filter to know what good information is at this point (no shame in that, everyone starts somewhere), so you can either pay for someone who does or go through the next few years acquiring it the hard way (trial, error, and from what I can tell A TON of anxiety and second guessing).

@The_Mighty_Stu would be a first ballot choice, but there are others out there. if you look around.


This may be bias.

If a trainer/coach ever recommended supplements by their brand name rather by ingredient, I instantly lose trust.


Looked them up and as far as I can see $120 for basically jumped up l-carntine and green tea?

-Wow, you got hustled hard!!

As a total beginner just eat clean/no junk etc and start lifting on any decent fullbody template and you will lean you out as well as build muscle and strength…

6 meal plan like that totally unnecessary but as a former fat guy keep an eye on carbs…


I think the way you lost 65lbs was crazy but I’m glad it worked. The down side is that it leaves you where you are now - - panicked about food. By starving yourself your body will tend to gain weight faster than most. It thinks it’s never going to get that food again so it stores it instead of using it.

You have to retrain your body (and mind).

Hitting the weights will require some dietary changes. You have to eat to fuel your body and to recover (repair muscles) from the workouts.

Who is this person that gave you the meal plan? If you don’t care about money then you need to sit down with a nutritionist.

Supplements supplement your diet. They’re not a requirement. They’re not tested for their claimed effectiveness and the manufacturers can pretty much put whatever they want on the label. There’s no punishment if they blatantly lie (except a possible drop in sales).


I actually do not really mind if a coach recommends certain supplements, as certain ones may be shit and under dosed. That being said the coach would have to be reputable.

What I hate is when a coach gives a so called diet with instructions like meal one: some chicken, rice, veggies. What are the macros what is the daily breakdown? Seems like this type of stuff should be taken into account. How is he supposed to make adjustments?

He just has him eating typical “bodybuilding bro” foods.

We’re on the same page. I have no problem with brand recommendations as long as the client/prescribe-ee knows what they are taking and why.

Sorry I can’t help because I’m workout before but never lose that much weight ever