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Lost 50kg, Now Want to Gain Muscle. Advice?


So I’m 21 yo and 81 kg’s and 5.8 I used to be an obese guy who weights 131 kg’s and finally I lost them but now my body looks terrible and very weak compared to anyone in my age and my height can’t do any push ups and obviously pullups actually I never did them in my life … even after losing this amount of weight, I joined a gym for 3 months but I didn’t get any progress really and I was looking the same because I was cutting on 1500/1600 calories high protein low carb clean food per day because I only lose weight in this range I tried to up the calories to 1800 but was gaining weight, so I quitted the gym because I was only getting disappointed and very tired after workouts every day because I’ve known that I will never gain muscle with this amount of calories I was wasting my time so I focused on losing more weight and in 4 months I lost 14 kg’s and now I’m 81 kg’s but still overweight, I really want to gain muscle so bad I’m thinking about it every day all of my friends are going to the gym and they don’t care about calories or macros or anything and they are making progress because they are already at low level of body fat and I’m just here looking the same but only losing weight, my dream plan is to train a hypertrophy training to gain muscle size, I have a lot of free time and can train 5 times a week if necessary but well I’m still stuck in losing weight, and I know I can do both but the result would be very slow and as I mentioned my result in joining a gym while cutting it’s a waste of time for me, and I already have been in this status for a year and half now. So what should I do now?

sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance.

Set a quantitive goal. Find a plan. Follow it for at least three months.

Most people feel like they spin their wheels in the mud, making no progress, because they don’t have an actual goal to work toward.

Think of it like a walk in a park. If you decide to walk toward the tall tree on top of the hill next to the waterfall, every step you take will get you closer to that tree.

If you say you just want to see some trees, you may wander around and end up in the same place.

I love trees.


That plan includes nutrition.

You were trying to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, and trying so hard at both you failed. Sort of like having two girlfriends at the same time. The harder you try to keep both of them happy the bigger the failure.


1: Squats are your friend. I did a 21 day squat challenge, and while I gained 15 pounds people complimented me on losing weight, because all that weight gain was muscle.

2: High volume is your friend. At your age and with your goals, you should look up “German Volume training” and “star complexes.” I think articles on both plans are on this website.

3: Pasta and rice are not your friends. Meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit are your friends.