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Lost 50 Pounds, Suggestions?


Hello Folks,

First day on T-Nation.




Congrats on the weight loss. if you actually try for a few of the required shots (even if no legs), I'm sure people can actually give some feedback as opposed to guessing from your facebook-esque pic :slightly_smiling:



Looks like you need a ton of lat width


congratz man, no stretch marks


Nice work.

Have you been taking a thermo since January?
If so you may want to go off of it for a bit.

Post some goals so folks on here can nudge you in the right direction.

Also, add your height. 195 pounds looks different on a 5'8" frame vs. 6'2"


Better picture of my back...


No leg pics


4 months on a thermo? I would cycle a thermo but that might be just me. Here is an article by Shelby Starnes that I think has a lot of useful information.

Also, I notice that all of your goals have to do with gaining lean mass so why the thermo? I realize you lost 50 pounds so you may have body-image/issues but if a product doesn't help you reach your goals why waste money? Try a supplement that gives you a good pump and increases training performance. More intense training session burn more calories but are also a means to an end with your goals.


Checking out that article now....


You seem enthusiastic to achieve these goals and I don't want to hinder that. My recommendation for you would be to read the articles/forums on this site. I have seen your same questions answered many times and if you won't take the time to find the answers why would someone take the time to retype them for you.


Any before pics? And again how tall are you?