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Lost 5-8 lbs in 1 Month, Want a Buffet

Well I have been dieting for about five weeks and have mangaged to lose about a pound a week. I have been been doing this while trying my damnest to keep my stregth gains coming. I dont have a meet anytime soon so I can lose the weight slowly but surely. I started at weighin in at 296 and am now at 289 and have actually increased my squat numbers and put on some size losing the weight in the belly mostly.

So now that I am five weeks in to it all I can think about is just festing like crazy. After five weeks of a 5 protein shake a day plus to healthy meals I cant help but have the cravings and it is goddamn hard not to.I use to be full all the time now I seem hungry all the time.
Well over all I justed needed to vent to some people that understand what I am going through. Thanks for you time.

The buffet of triumph, will taste better than the buffet of food! ;p

Good luck, keep it up

Was there a question in there somewhere?

Losing fat is hard. Getting strong is hard. If it wasn’t everybody would look like Fiddy Cent.

I’m having a similar experience to yours… im about the same weight. a few things to remember… when you loose ten pounds… its noticeable and you do look better. you may have the urge to eat all the time because its a habit… just like smoking. One good idea is to keep a bottle of water with you and drink it when ever you have the urge to eat. It can be very difficult but stay determined.

Not really a question more of a vent to some people who would understand the difficulty of diet. Yea that is one of the hard parts to me because I look what i did when i was 270 but because I am so much denser I am 289 I look like I did then. So seeing that and then looking at the scale was equally encouraging and discouraging because I thought I was closer than I am to my goal. But like I said over all I am denser, stronger, and bigger but I am losing weight.

I have now cut my cal intake down 500 kcal from 3000 to 2500 and I feel tired all the time more so than before. Between the lower number of foods and doing double splits I am dead but it is good because I now get around 6 hrs of sleep when I us to get 4.

Any recomendations on how to stay energized through out the day? Been takign HOT-ROX but the boost from that lasted only the first week. I have spike but dont like taking it consistantly because it then stops working when I needed it the most(super heavy leg days)

Eat often. Like every three hours.

And don’t so something crazy like drink nothing but shakes. It’s guaranteed you’ll burn out.

Just stay away from really bad crap like refined sugar, flour and potatoes. If you’re diligent in your workouts that should be enough to put you in reasonable shape.

If you can hang in there you do get use to it. It took me about 8 weeks to not mind hunger anymore. You are developing a new relationship with food. It is tough. I am a lot smaller than you but dropped 40 pounds in 8 months. Now I am adding weight but it is mostly muscle.

Your physical transformation is going to be far more satisfying than any buffet you will ever eat. Hang in there and and tell yourself with each calorie not eaten you make yourself mentally stronger.

I do not miss bread anymore.

One cheat day let alone one cheat meal once every 10 days is fine and usually beneficial to training.

Best to time after following your heaviest training day

A cheat meal may have you looking leaner the next day, while keeping you sane. Like Cprimero said, don’t do it often and time it after a heavy training day.

If you’re cutting while low-carbing, make your cheat meal high carb.

Yeah dieting really sucks, especially low-carbing it. Immediately when I started eating more again I noticed i had an insane amount more energy.

But like people above said, if it were easy then everyone would look great.

I personally would skip the buffet. If you are feeling insane cravings for food at least let it be clean.

Eating 6 times a day is key when you’re cutting, just because it limits the damage you can do in a single meal. When I only at 3 times a day I could put down a ton of food. But when you’ve just eaten 3 hours beforehand you can’t put down as much - even when i’m really hungry now I can only eat at most 2 plates at a buffet, when I was going for 3 or 4 at least before.