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Lost 41 Lbs in a week?!


Wow. Biggest Loser - dude lost 41 lbs in a week. That's uhhh.... wow.


Haha, wow indeed. How much did he weigh before, though... surely 400-500+?


I've never seen the show, but some of those obese people can have damn near 10-20lbs of food still unremoved from their digestive track. If someone like that stops stuffing cake mix down their throat, starts eating some fiber (maybe get a colonic), drop the carbs (which can be damn near another 20lbs for someone that heavy) and yeah...it is possible....it is also really sad to think how bad he was eating before.

What's even creepier....is how fast he could gain it back when he falls off the wagon.


And these people are no longer working or maintaining their homes. They are in a gym all day long, 7 days a week. I used to love the show (when I was fat) but now, not so much. It's unrealistic to drop such huge numbers every week and maintain that. I wonder how much fat and how much muscle is lost. I remember when the show was 200 to 300 pound people. Now the smallest is 250 and they go up to 4 or 500 pounds. Sad really.


4 to 500lbs? That is quite sad.

Some of my thoughts on Biggest Loser.

I am a fan of such shows, I've seen the Australian and Asian versions as well. It's always nice to see the transformations but the lure of money makes contestants and their trainers do and instruct senseless and sometimes dangerous things.

  1. I think they put contestants through excessive amounts of cardio and plyometrics when their (in most cases) lifetime of carrying excess weight has made their joints week.
  2. They focus on weight lost and not fat loss. The winner last season for the Asia show David looked like he was ill, dehydrated and sickly. This is not how a transformation should look.
  3. Contestants with high starting weights have the best chance of winning, especially men in the 150kg+ category, that gives them enough time to lose the weight and even with over 50% weight loss (the usual standard for winning BL) they are capable of winning.

I think it's naive to think they are spreading a health message through such shows when it's really all driven by the money and fueled by competition.

Talking about post-competition, there are cases of winners (I think there was one from the first or second season USA) that put his weight back on.

What they show you on TV seems like one week but can be 2 or more weeks. They operate on a heavy calorific deficit and marathon gym sessions (4 to 6 hours a day).

Anyone who knows what they're doing will say the above is ridiculous and not needed.

I guess what they don't show much in the USA show which I have seen in the Australian show is the level of psychological pressure they place on contestants, making them feel guilty for weight loss, performing tasks that act like metaphors (climbing bridges, vertical marathons, bungee jumping etc), seeing their former self photos etc. I think there would be more effective weight loss if more time was spent on the emotional side of eating and not just the physical.


It just shows how much the human body is physically capable of losing week to week, not what an actual person can do on their own while holding a job and maintaining their normal life. In addition to all the factors that Prof X mentioned I bet everyone goes out of their way to gain as much weight as possible before the initial weigh in.

Many people on the show do gain their weight back, I've never seen any huge ones but I think 10-50lbs is pretty common after a few years of finishing the show. Every season they try to out do themselves with larger people and initial fitness challenges that cause at least one person to need an ambulance.


FWIW a "week" on The Biggest Loser isn't an actual week. It is a minimum of two weeks often more but they only ever refer to it as a "week"


I don't watch the show, but my mom does some times. I read somewhere, (might have been here, actually) that as soon as they get off the show, they gain all their weight right back. Which makes sense to me, if you look at their dieting, it is heavily restrictive, with minimal calories. To get them to eat like that, that is the only food they provide, so self control is not a factor. Once they get back home, they revert back to their old "eat everything in sight, fast food 3-4 times a day" selves.

What I don't really like about shows like these, is that it tries to make these people out to be heroes. They temporarily "fix" something that they did to themselves, and we're supposed to praise them for their dedication? Pass. To me, that's like shooting yourself in the arm, and then patching it up yourself, and expecting a medal for your "heroism".

These people aren't victims, they did it to themselves. Had they lived in sight of the consequences of their actions, maybe they wouldn't be in the situation in the first place.


I lost 20lbs in one day...when I got circumsized!


Some contestants do put the weight back on. What we do observe is that contestants that leave the show early tend not to lose as much weight (presumably because they haven't been given additional knowledge through the weeks of the show). There are some blogs from ex-contestants that talk about the conditions inside the BL camp, their program as well as stunts like water-loading before weigh-ins, dehydration to hit weight losses etc.

I agree none of these contestants should be seen as "heroes" and yes they did do it to themselves (I mean it was them eating, them not exercising etc) but also because their home environment did not encourage them to be healthier.


Cut off the wrong head huh?


We talked about some of these shows at the gym yesterday. I guarantee for some of the people on these extreme shows, the weightloss does more damage than help. For example, on Jackie Warners shows the people always are put throught these very high intensity exercise routines, extreme diets, and various other extreme changes.

I'ld be willing to bet that some of the "clients", while dropping weight, are doing serious damage to their heart and other organs.

Not to mention that they all use these cleansing formulas, which are mostly made up of stimulants and fiber, are supposed to be accompanied with no more than 300-500 calories a day, usually consisting of salads and a piece of chicken, and a minimal amount of water, while keeping up with the exercise.


I stopped watching once it became one giant commercial. "Hey guys, has anyone seen my jenni-o turkey?" "Ok contestants, today we're going to eat at Subway" "Man have you guys tried the from , it's soo good".

They're becoming just blatant with it anymore.


How'd you get your baby to float?


I'm having trouble seeing a big difference between people who eat themselves to death ruining health care and alcoholics or anyone else who is addicted to something. Crackheads and drunks have a much worse connotation than obese when they basically do the same thing - abuse ______.

My point: I hate fat people because they are weak, lazy, and they act like it just happens to some unlucky people like themselves. They make me sick. The Family Guy episode about the fat guy strangler was actually based on me.


Pow right in the kisser, Pow right in the kisser, Pow right in the kisser.


I watched that last night. 41 pounds and he looks pretty much the same.

Because when you are 300 + pounds overweight and someone suddenly takes the twinkies away, you'll drop a load of weight no problem. It sounds insane, but when you're that fucking fat, the initial loss can be astounding.

But basically they just wrung the water out of one ass cheek and got 41 lbs.

Man, when you see the bodies on some of these people, you just can't believe they could store that much fat. Gut down to their knees practically, and some of the men have tits that pour down their sides practically to their (non-existent) waist.

Fucking sick man - plus you fucked yourself good, because at that level of obesity, horrific loose skin issues are GUARANTEED. So, not only do you have to lose 300 pounds, you'll need major surgery to ever look like a normanl human being.

I can understand some cases (personal tragedy, other valid issues) but most of these people are just fucking pigs.


Agreed. I am often amazed by the kudos people receive for weight loss - seriously? You should be hailed as a hero because you finally stopped being a fucking disgusting animal with no self control? Fuck that - you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing it to happen in the first place.



Let's everyone bring shame to them and their families. Rotten cabbage hurled in their general direction should satisfy the angry mob of abdominal muscle sporters.


Stuff their mouths full of sweet tarts and jolly ranchers and hang them by the feet from a tree. Then have the townschildren beat them with bamboo reeds until the candy comes flying out for the worthy to enjoy


Lol - I wouldn't go that far, just don't expect any ticker tape parades for finally ending your love affair with mac & cheese....