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Lost 40+ Pounds, Waist Size Stayed the Same

Hello all,

Not really sure where to ask this question but figured here would be best. about a year ago I found out I have type 2 diabetes and with a few years of injuries and the inability to continue the level of physical activity I had been doing I ended up gaining a lot of weight. In excess of almost 80 lbs. Since I was diagnosed and was able to start back with my activities I’ve lost around 30-35lbs since February of this year. However my waist circumference has stayed the same. I’ve been told I look like I’ve lose weight but the tape says something else. Just looking for some clarification on where I might be losing the weight and how long or how many more pounds before I start to see the change. For reference I started this year at around 295 - 300lbs depending on which day and time I weighed myself with a waist of 48". As of my last check last week I am sitting between 250-255lbs but still with a waist of 48". The only other place I have seen a difference in the tape is my neck and thighs, I have lost around 1-2" on my thighs and 1" on my neck. Any advice or help with explaining this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time

Could just be a measuring error. I wouldn’t worry about it. It may just be coming off that area a little slower, again I wouldn’t worry as long as weight keeps dropping.

Well done on the weight loss so far, keep that going. Its pretty clear that if you keep going and loose another 40lb you are going to feel and look a new man despite what your waist measures.