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Lost 35 Lbs, Sticking With Berardi?


So I've lost about 30lbs so far. Body fat droped a good bit, cloths fit again. I want better/faster results though.

I am going to contine with CT's Destroying Fat the rest of this month and throughout November. I am planning on EDT for fat loss all of December.

Should I continus with Berardi's 10 Habits? Would I have better results with the Abs diet by following it EXACTLY?

My scale says I am at 22% BF, I think I am around 18-20%. I would love to get to 15 by January. I would like to start a clean bulk when I get to 10%.

What diet to you suggest? Any other tips/advce?





I had very good success with CT's Destroying Fat/Refined Physique protocol. My tip for that program is make the sure to lift heavy when it calls for it to get the most out of a quick workout. On top of that, the lactate inducing workouts put me on the floor. Give one of these a try and see what you think.

Without rest you go from.

A. bench press
B. back squat
C. rowing movement
D. hamstring curl
E. abs

all 3x12 with a weight you could do from 15-18 reps. If you've read the article it says to do these in a slow movement to keep the time under tension high to create that deep burn. I know after the squats I was gasping for air! So, after 2 minutes of rest move onto the next circuit, which is.

All 3x15.

A. military press
B. leg extension
C. lat pulldown
C. abs

Same as before, keep the rest period low and finish the night with a half hour of light cardio. I found these workouts would put me on the floor. Though the weight being moved was low. The workout was a real challenge.

So my point being if you're going to do CT's program, I do recommend it. I didn't take a starting body fat percentage, but about a year ago this time I was 15% and after 8 weeks on this program (with a very strict low carb diet) I ended up at 5%

Best of luck to you!


I tried the Abs Diet, but it allowed for way too many carb meals over the course of a week and it was too easy for me to go back to my bad eating habits.

Berardi's ideas are good, and maybe just make a tweak or two. Take advantage of those 10% meals where you deviate from the plan. Carb it up or cheat 2-3 meals MAX during the week and see how that works for you.


can anyone tell me what this CT fat destroying is please?


What it is, is a badass article.



Ok after having some shitty food yesterday I am back on track. The plan is to follow the 10 habits and forget about the abs diet.

I think I can obtain my goal with the help of EDT for fat loss. I want to start my clean bulk at under 12% BF.

I plan on being a lean 170 this time next year. That means NO MORE shitty food. I already have my clena bulk plan figured out and cant wait to start it.


Forgot to ask. I have a few bottles of ZMA and a bottle of Maximum Greens, kinda like greens plus. I eat alot of greens now so will the pills help me loose fat faster?



30lbs is a good chunk of weight to lose. How long did it take you? It seems like you are on track. I would just try and make sure that you aren't taking in too many calories and supplementing some cardio in.


You are aware there is more to Berardi's methods then the 10 habbits?

If you have got them down pat you can add in specific calorie maniuplation. Macronutrient levels. Refeeds. "progressing along the continuum of a variable " (gee, im such a wanker). Thermogenics and of course there is allways playing with your workout. Density, volume, energy system work, Removing certain foods (lactose if your not so keen)....

These are the peices that all diets seem to be constructed of. They have been discussed to death on every internet forum thats ever existed. JB, Lonnie and bar have several articles on here about all these things. Intergrate them into your existing Berardi-esque template.