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Lost 11.5kg - Still Hitting PBs

So, I’ve been running 5/3/1 for roughly a year and had some tremendous results. I competed in December 2015 in my first competition at 94.4kg. I hit 150kg SQ - 110kg BP - 210kg DL. I know, not earth shattering numbers but at that time I had been powerlifitng for less than 6 months and I was proud of what I achieved.

I have my second competition coming up and I will be competing in the 83kg weight class. It’s testing week for me and so far I have hit 155kg SQ (very smooth) - 115kg BP (Long pause) - 212.5kg DL (Probably my opener).

I have been using the strength program from Beyond 5/3/1 2nd edition with a few tweaks added to improve on my weaknesses for the last 5 months. It has improved my overall conditioning, body competition and state of mind. Yes my diet has been on point but without the Wendler philosophy I would not have achieved my goals.

All I can say to you Jim if you have the time to read this is, thank you for igniting a fire and a passion in me that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

In the future I may work my way up to the 93kg class but it will be made with decent nutrition (yes carbs will be used) and a variation of 5/3/1 that improves me as a lifter but keeps the main principles of the program the same - “Start Too Light - Progress Slow - Set Personal Records (PR’s) - Use Multi-Joint Exercises”.