Loss of Strength....

If one were to stop all training, about how long would it take before strength will begin to be lost?

I think that varies alot of how much you eat. if you still maintain and things i think that you can go a reasonable amount of time before being seriously degraded in strength.

but here at winter time i had the kissing decease and i couldnt eat so i lost 15 kg of muscle in 2-4 weeks and 2 months after that i couldnt train but i had only gone 20 kg down in the big exercises.

It can vary from person to person. You can loose a considerable amount of strength in 30 days…

I heard somewhere that strength loss begins in about a week. Anyone know if this is true, or any have any other info?

When I take an unloading/backoff week, which usually consists of nothing more strenuous than some pushups, situps, and perhaps some pullups if I’m feeling amibitious, I usually come back stronger.