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Loss of Strength Post Cycle...

Hey all. I have done one cycle of epistane and then one of epi/dianavar. In BOTH I followed all the directions of PCT as well as in cycle support such as Liv52, Red Yeast, Milk thistle et al.

My question is this: On my next cycle what is the most appropriate way to cycle post therapy so I lose the

LEAST amount of strength. I am not as concerned with size. Literally I lost about 30% of the strength

that I gained while keeping all my macro nutrients that same post cycle as while in cycle.

Thanks for all of your time…

What did you take for PCT?

I like dianavar, that it my favorite superdrol clone so far. I have just tried that and one other though. It is best used with test though. Oral only cycles suck and from anecdotal evidence the gains seem harder to maintain.

Seems that way to me as well BIG. I was/ will use the standard tomoxifen 40/40/20/20 protocol along with

Tribulus, longjax and hoodia.

It was just a real shock that I lost that much strength as quickly as I did.

I had gotten most of my previous information from the “stickies” in the s-forum

along with great and indepth information from Bonez217. Just dont know where he went.

Any additional info would be greatly appreciated as this will more than likely be my last

cycle with otc-ph formula’s. Thanks to all for the forthcomng info, killerDIRK.