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Loss of Skin Elasticity + Adipsia from TRT?

To preface this, I recently got labs and sodium, potassium, chloride and all blood markers came back within normal range.

The write-up is (somewhat important) context, but if you want to see the weird skin elasticity issues and may be able to help me diagnose them, please scroll to the bottom.

Before starting TRT, my thirst was normal and I didn’t have these… skin elasticity issues. I’ve scoured the forum and web, but I really can’t find anything. I know hormones can change fluid dynamics (estrogen increasing water retention and such), but I’m not a biochemist or doctor. If anyone can help me solve this mystery, it would be fabulous.

Since starting TRT, I’ve completely lost my sense of thirst, suggesting that there is potentially an issue with hypothalamic signaling/antidiuretic hormone release due to changes in concentration of solutes in my urine. As said above, my potassium, chloride, and sodium numbers in serum are normal. Perhaps they differ in urine?

Does anyone with any medical knowledge know what may cause this? When I got bloods done, my E2 was in range and T was above range. The ratio looked good. For reference, the following numbers are here.

Anyway, I have also noticed changes in skin elasticity. For example, when I’m bent over for long periods, I notice the skin below my pecs becomes creased, and it takes several minutes for this to go away upon sitting up again in an upright position. Additionally, when I flex my arms, the skin almost rolls/creases back toward my bicep (I’m fairly lean, so I don’t think this is fat, and it only started after starting TRT).

Here are some additional pictures:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - flexing quad causes ‘wrinkling’ of skin around knee
Imgur: The magic of the Internet - flexing bicep causes skin to “roll up”
Imgur: The magic of the Internet - 2nd view of bicep flex
Imgur: The magic of the Internet - creases around armipit area that weren’t previously there.

Has anybody else experienced this? Per google, it seems like it’s related to severe dehydration, but if I was that dehydrated, my veins would be much flatter than they are in the last picture. Is this due to water retention? It’s just too strange that I developed both adipsia and these skin changes at the same time.

I know most of you aren’t medical experts, but I’m guessing someone out there has some ideas about this or has experienced it themselves.

I know that TRT can cause sodium reabsorption via the kidneys that doesn’t have anything to do with estrogen.

Recently I started a new TRT protocol increasing my dosage and developed extra loose skin on top of my knee caps that I have never experience before, but after my hormone levels stabilized at 6 weeks, the extra skin disappeared.

My skin does look older in some areas (loose, creases) on my body since getting my levels high enough to benefit from treatment.

If I were you I would contact Nelson Vergel over at Excelmale as he is a TRT geek and if full of impressive knowledge related to TRT and all the issues that can arise from the treatment of low-T.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but we have a lot of really smart forum members who work in the medical community that should reply shortly.

Thanks for the reply anyway! I’ll read more about the sodium reabsorption when I have some free time and consider cross posting for second opinions.

You’re going to go through a lot of changes. Just make sure you drink water, and get the moisture back in you, regardless of thirst levels. Sip water every half hour.