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Loss Of Sensation During Orgasm

Hey All,

TRT has benefitted me in almost every aspect of life so far. The only problem I’ve encountered began in the past 4-5 months, decreased sensation during orgasm.

My protocol is two clicks of cream (50mg each) to the scrotum twice a day. I do take an SSRI and I know serotonin can mess with orgasms, but I’ve been on it for almost 4 years with no orgasms issue and I’m on a dose (10mg citalopram) my doctor considers to be non-efficacious. I’ve been on the cream for 3 years for reference. Bloodwork is in the same range as it has been for the last two years. I can post it if it’s helpful.

Anyone else ever encounter this problem?

The SSRI has finally caught up with you and this may very well be the issue. One thing you can try is adding HCG to swell up the balls and perhaps some more seminal fluid to pump through the prostate for a more intense orgasm. Other than that get your prostate checked along with getting a PSA value.

I can definitely talk to my PCP. My PSA was .457ng/mL two months ago, not sure if that’s helpful as I don’t know how quickly that value would change if there was an issue.

I’ve thought about HCG in the past but decided against it due to severe anxiety issues at the time I was getting on TRT, wanted to stick with one exogenous substance at a time. That anxiety has almost completely disappeared, but I wouldn’t want it to make a comeback due to hormonal upheaval in my body due to the addition of HCG.

Check prolactin levels? The high levels of SA can beat out DA and cause PRL to rise, and that’ll mess with libido and orgasms. B6 or P5P can help

Prolactin was 7.3ng/mL when last checked. Reference range is 2.1-17.7.

Interesting …

I’d put money on it being the SSRI. They’re an effective treatment for premature ejaculation, I’ve been on Paroxetine for 2 years and whilst sex now lasts forever, orgasms only feel like 60% as good as they did pre-SSRI. Definite partial numbness, which can go as far as losing erections due to lack of feeling