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Loss of Muscle on One Side

I’m 39 yrs old. When I was 16 I was hit by a car. I can’t say how it felt etc etc. because I don’t remember anything about that day or the months after.
Anyways, I guess when I was hit I stood up and put my then dislocated shoulder back in place. For real.
So I ask you this:
I looked in the mirror and the muscle on your back/shoulder area if you were to take your right hand and touch behind your head, isn’t there. However onthe right it is. Same goes for my biceps. Right is there, left is not so good. BTW I do dumbell curls with my elbow alongside my inner thigh. I can feel that the left arm is differnt from the right.

A friend of mine mentioned it was due to the accident and that it could be torn ligaments or tendons.

So curious does anyone have any rehab routines for this?

It is a common occurrence after a joint injury/ joint pain for there to be atrophy in the surrounding muscles.
The cause of which can be many. For example I have this with my right knee that has problems with the patella femoral joint. At the bottom of a squat I feel that the right knee feels different to the left(because of weakness) and of course the right quad is markedly smaller than the left. Think atrophy of the quads in people with arthritis in the knee.

If I were you I would probably start at shoulder stability exercises, and then progress from there. I assume you don’t have any problems in everyday life with the use of your shoulder.

Sorry if the reply seems vague but it is hard to be be specific without seeing your shoulder etc.

Do you have any areas in your arm or shoulder with loss/altered sensation?