Loss of Libido at 23

Hello. I just went through all the stickies and a few of the posts here, so I’ll jump straight into the hard data.

23 years old, 5’8", 30 inch waist, 190 pounds.

I have tiny joints (wrists, ankles), barrel chested, still get regular acne breakouts, pretty muscular. Facial hair is patchy and thin. I have little body hair from the waist up. Pubic/leg hair is fine.

I was overweight in my teens, dropped down to 135 lbs at age 16, then up to 200 lbs at age 20. I carry most of my body fat in my lower back, love handles and chest. I have moderate gyno and have been to a surgeon to look at options.

No health conditions, everything’s fine. Having a hard time dropping weight, morning wood is weak, no nocturnal erections, libido is sputtering and infrequent. Lack of motivation, mood swings and depression.

I took accutane in my teens for severe acne. Age 15 to 18 sporadically.

I’m following the Apex Predator Diet. Intermittent ketogenic fasting and feasting with calorie zig-zagging, one huge cheat day a week to restore hormone/glucose levels. I had previous symptoms before this diet. I actually feel better now.

I take Animal Paks, multi,fish oil, liver pills,fruit/berry blend for detox in the mornings, caffeine pills as I wake up to do fasted steady state cardio with BCAAs.

Sex life is ok, I’m having sex 2-3 times a week, erections are getting harder (heh) to achieve and I have lost erections mid-coitus and had to resort to creative time-buying to get it back.

Following a 4 day a week bodypart split. High rep, high volume, super sets, strip sets, drop sets, the works. I feel I’m recovering ok, getting leaner in my shoulder girdle, not on legs, belly,love handles or lower back. I have a visible 4 pack but am carrying noticeable fat on my handles. I take a pump product and a caffein pill for energy during workout.

My dick is average size when erect, but is laughably small when not. Testes are smaller than average.

Went to an endo, ran some tests, said everything was ok and I should look for an urologist so I get prescribed Cialis. He said it was probably something neuro-psychological. Feel like shit half the time.

Next post I’ll add the lab results.