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Loss of Appetite!!!!


Anyone have any advice on how to increase my appetite or reasons for my loss of appetite. I have been able to put on some good size recently going from 125 to 138 in about a 3 months staying at the same bodyfat but recently I have had a tough time eating. I will get full or loose the desire to eat after much less food than usual.

I'm seeing good gains but I want to keep those gains up by eating. I dont have a strict diet and I dont really have a calorie goal each day. the only thing i shoot for is to consume sufficient amounts of nutrients every 3 hours. the only thing that is causing me to eat is my desire to get bigger and to stick to my goal of eating every three hours. I find myself forcing food down. the only variables that have changed in my diet are the additions of a 1000 calorie gainer which i take about a hour before bed and a 400 calorie protein shake in the morning with breakfast.

Stop me right away and point me in the direction of a previous post or article as I researched and didn't find any that I felt addressed my problem.


So you've recently added 1400 cal to your daily intake, and you're wondering why you have lost your appetite during the rest of your daily meals? Did I get that right?


Like I said, I take that 1000 calories in at night an hour before bed so shud that affect my appetite the next day after sleeping for 8 hours. besides i could see that causing me to eat LESS meals if i took in during the day but how is it that sometimes I am hungry and it takes much less to fill me up or I am just not hungry. would a 1000 calorie gainer taken the night before reall affect my appetite the nxt day?


when you are in caloric surplus, leptin increases in your body....it signals to your brain to decrease hunger...

people that are obese are resistant to the signal, so they don't experience the same issues as you...they experience hunger despite their caloric intake...

most likely your body is designed to be very lean....i would try to get a general idea of the cals you are consuming, so that you can hit the same amount everyday.....otherwise, you may slack off some days when you don't feel hungry....


What exactly does that mean to be "designed" to be lean? It's a serious question, and I'd appreciate elaboration if you don't mind.


Why couldn't it? Everything you put in your body in a day counts. Do you think it goes to a different place than normal just because you consumed it before bed?


I personally think it'd be easier for you to ditch the 1000 gainer right before bed, and think about adding just 200 more cal to each of 5 meals throughout the day. That's as easy as a few handfuls of almonds or a scoop of protein in some milk. It also may be a more manageable increase as far as appetite goes.


People use nutrients differently...

some people in caloric surplus gain close to pure lean mass..... while others may gain a 2:1 ratio of fat to muscle...

it is mainly genetic...you can do things to tip the odds in your favor, but some people are just better at gaining lean mass than others...

i believe it has to do with evolution....people who gain fat faster must have needed to gain fat at a faster rate as a means of survival during periods when there was no food.....


I figured most of it was going to come down to my genetics. ya i'll definitely try adding 200 calories to my daily meals when i finish off this gainer. like i said im seeing some good gains and as d public said some people stay lean and I do just that, i was just curious if anyone had any tricks or tips to possibly divide calories throughout the day or having certain foods or meals at breakfast to help increase your appetite through the rest of the day or maybe meals that are less filling yet still sufficient in proving high amounts of desired protein and carbs.


Obviously i dont think it goes to a different place but how long can i expect 1000 calories to sustain me? after fasting for 8 to 9 hours will that 1000 calories still be affecting my hunger?


Try ginger


Try ginger


Most defiantly,

From what Ive read, this idea of your body operation on a 24 clock is nonsense. Your body doesn't tun like a clock and so if you ingest that many Kcals in one sitting its bound to put a dent in your appetite for the next day.

Again genetics are a factor, like how much of an appetite you have regularly etc

Yes you are more catabolic during sleep so have an influx of slow digesting protein is a great idea before bed but 1000 Kcals?

Personally from my experience and from what Ive read your appetite sky rockets when your in the weight room seriously moving some Iron. So if you want your appetite to increase id suggest two things

1) Ditch the 1000 Kcal gainer right before bed and add more Kcals in at breakfast and lunch instead i.e. space out this extra 1000 Kclas over your meals.

And 2) Work on seriously increasing your intensity in the weight room, Nate green says if your not physically hungry at least 3 times after hitting the weights then your not going hard enough.


Really? I just lost my appetite.


Try simple sugars. They always seem to make me hungry. Eat a cookie or two. (Small fucking cookies here, and not a handful, one or two.)

Or take a brisk walk around the block a couple times every morning when you get up. Fasted morning cardio makes me hungry as well.


How long have you had the extra 1400 cals from shakes, and how much weight have you gained during that time?


I added it about two weeks ago and im up from 132 to 138 on the scale. im taking peoples advice and just splitting up those 1000 calories to my roughly 5 meals a day. i was thinking of just adding a cup of chocolate milk? its hard to just drink one cup of choc milk with each meal tho its a small amount but idk if its better to pace and spread my calories through out the day or just eat til im full each time, obviously doing that it would me hard to have 5 huge meals. at least for me.