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Loss of Appetite and Overtraining

Guys I need your input on loss of appetite due to over-training, which is most likely what i am experiencing. I have taken the past 4 -5 days off, slept religiously, increased my calories from 4500 to 5500 thinking my body needed more to grow but just cant seem to gain my appetite back? My body slightly aches and have hardly any motivation or energy at the gym. Of course, i always go balls to the wall and def when i started my recent cycle. I have already put close to 10 lbs of quality muscle on.

This is the third week of my cycle which began with 500mg test cyp wk, 60mg win ed and i just added 50mg drol ed for the past 2 wks.

Should I take more time off, keep forcing myself to eat or is there anything out there i could take to increase my appetite? Just need some help, as I dont want to ruin this cycle and keep the gains i have already made.

Your body is adjusting to the extra hormones floating around. I would think your appetite should come back in a short period of time.


This sounds like the cycle lethargy I experienced a few weeks ago, at about 3 weeks into my cycle.

Backing off on the calories a bit for a few days worked well for me. It seemed that the sudden large increase in total cals coupled with my body adjusting to the hormones had caused my metabolism to slow down big time.

Also, I took about 4 days off from training which allowed some much needed physical and mental rest. However, during this time I still did some light cardio to kinda jumpstart my blood flow. Worked well.

And its funny, your name is the product I used as a stimulant which may be a good idea for you. It seemed to have at least gave me a quick pick me up during the day.

The trick to it is not to let it consume you and to bounce back asap, that is, if its lethargy you are experiencing. I suppose overtraining would be a slightly different issue.


might help if you post your training regime so that we can analyze that.

I work one bodypart per day, usually chest mon, back tues, wed off, thurs arms, fri shoulders, sat legs, sunday off. Workouts range from 45 min to an hr. and are very intense.