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Loss of Appetite After Increased Workouts

I have a history of steady exercise and workouts. The last couple of weeks I have started crossfit 5 days a week. I have to force down a protein shake post work out, a small snack somewhere during the day and dinner. If I went off of hunger alone, I wouldn’t eat any of it. Sleep and energy haven’t been affected (yet). Is there a reason behind this and is there anything that can fix this?

What I’m about to say, is from observation only.

Most (yes, most, not all) people that have a hard time eating after upping the intensity by quite a bit, means that they were not eating enough before.

In other words, your body is not adapting as your intensity went way higher then it should have.

My solution was to tone the exercise program down and concentrate on the diet. After things were in line, I upped the intensity gradually.

Biggest example was going from a three days a week program in under 75 minutes to switching to p/p/l program, 6 days a week, 90+ minutes. The dot cannot adapt that fast.