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Loss in Strength


Running stronglifts 5x5 at the moment. Great improvements but im still a weakling I only squat my bodyweight at the moment, 70kg. 1 and a half weeks ago I left for camping and I came back not long ago so had my first gym sesh back yesterday. The plan was to deload slightly to get back in to the groove of lifting but I got gee'd up and couldn't be bothered so I just did the weight I did on my last session, which was 70kg. I was very weak, heres what I did:

Set 1: 70kg, 3 reps (weak, so i decided to deload)
Set 2: 65kg, 5 reps
Set 3: 65kg, 3 reps (lost a lot of strength this set, so I deloaded more to hit my rep range)
Set 4: 60kg, 2 reps (might as well have deloaded to the fucking bar I was that weak)
Didn't even bother to do set 5.

Deadlift I knew i was weak so I took off 10 kilos, did all 5 reps just fine. OHP i took 2.5kg off did 5x5. Calf raises and static holds I overloaded 2.5kg (since they don't tax my body much as a whole) and did my sets fine.

Reasons why I suspect this has happened:
* Dehydrated while camping, when I came back I was 71kg. The next day I was 1 kilo heavier but I still have a little water to gain back.
* Went to the gym at night, didn't eat anywhere near enough earlier in the day
* While I was camping i decided to cut milk out of my diet (long story, I wanted to see what would happen) and me being the smart person I am didn't have another source of calcium. This caused my extra muscle stiffness and I was border lining getting a cramp in half of my sets.

Anything else I should think about besides the above points? I think I have a good understanding of whats going on and exactly why I was so weak.

After I do power walking I warm up with 2 sets of 3 reps squatting just the bar, deep ass to the grass. I was out of breath from my warm up and could never really catch it, and get a "satisfying" breath of air.


It sounds like you had a bad day. Give it another go next time and see what happens.


^ Yep.

Don’t overthink it, just keep eating and come back next time. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t rebound next time either, things happen. As long as you stay consistent with eating and resting and keep trying it’ll progress.


Why were you “out of breath” from your warm ups?


[quote]dt79 wrote:
Why were you “out of breath” from your warm ups?[/quote]
I wish I knew…


haha oh well, screw it. Everyone has a bad day at one point or another.


Yeah not going to worry too much about it. Looking at how much I squatted yesterday though, how much should I be doing tomorrow? That’s what I am unsure about. I am thinking of just going to 65kg and continuing to progressively overload from there. I have no idea if I would have gained all of my strength back already.

Out of breath thing was annoying. I was panting after 3 reps of squatting the bar. On my working sets when I get up out of the hole I would stand there for about 4-5 seconds trying to catch my breath. Dehydration is a powerful thing I guess.


I would just start at 60kg and see how that feels. If it feels easy go up to 65kg. If it feels hard but you feel confident of getting your sets of 5 without total breakdown in form, stay at that weight and increase from there the next session.


Yesterday I started off with 60kg squat, first set i did all 5 reps just barely. Second set I was considerably weaker and failed on my second rep. I went from 70kg 5x5 to 60kg 1x5. I am not out of breath anymore and i do feel somewhat recovered but thats it. Didn’t bother with the rest of my work out, just practiced olympic lifts (only did clean and jerk) for the rest of it because its something I really wanted to try out.

I also had to take a shit 5 times yesterday, i don’t have the runs I just have to go often for some reason. I also haven’t had much apetite the last few days but I am still eating around maintenance. These last few days I felt like something was wrong and I was definitely lacking something I just don’t feel 100%.

I woke up today with a mildly sore throat, ears felt funny and a very weak headache (1/10). So I had a swift hot cup of tea with lemon, cinammon, and honey and took a nap those symptoms have now gone away but I still feel weak.

I guess I might have some sort of sickness and I am stuck half way between actually being “sick” and showing full symptoms. I am going to take as much time off gym as I need until I feel strong again. Lifting will only wear me out more and make me weaker.