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Losing Willpower

I feel like I have been dieting forever… Ive been on the “steroid diet” for six weeks now, and I just stopped taking MD6 and the old T2(this at 9 caps a day no less). I’m still not ripped, despite about 1500 cals/day and daily cardio after weights. Guys, I am FRIED. I lost weight yes… so much so that family and co-workers are saying my face is too thin. I haven’t lost weight rapidly though… back in May I was 175 or so and now I am down to (i know, laughable) 156 lbs. And STILL not ripped! I have to come off 4-AD-EC in two weeks as it will be the eight week cut off. I feel I’ve gotten all I can get out of this diet cycle. I’ve plateaued and lost my motivation to work out to boot. I’m neither ripped nor big, a terrible place to be. Lately I have been binging on carbs at night… usually post workout when I can “justify” eating junk carbs… but then it gets way out of control and I eat everything within reach. I am normally the most disciplined guy around… but my willpower is cracking. Help!

I think you should bulk on Massive Eating until you’re at least 170, longer if you want to, and cut with Don’t Diet (a pleasurable cutting phase). If you don’t have to willpower to start that, then I recommend (controversial I know) weed post workout and surround yourself with good food as it all tastes good.

Steroid dieting was the worst diet Ive ever tried. It was an absolute waste of time. consuming that much protein expecting to lose weight does not work. Unless you are on real gear. I have never been on , but I found out quickly that mag 10 does not equal the steroid bodybuilding dieting rules. Thats a tough place to be where you are right now. I think your body has been starving of nutrients for to long. You system is probably backed up with all that meat and no fruits and veggies. I would recommend taking a complet week off. But stay on your diet, making it more T dawgish with higher fat and lots of veggies. Maybe a couple of pieces of fruit daily. Then go back to training using a low volume approach and take M and tribex. Slowly increase your calories. Carbs for breakfast like slow cooked oats and carbs postworkout with the rest of your meals containing fats and veggies. I found that switching to buffalo, and grass fed meat made a huge difference in my body and well being.

Slowly work your way back up to maintenance. Say, over a 2-3 week time period. You will also have a new maintenance so be careful. Let your body get used to the new bodyfat level and try again or just decide what you want to do from there. I know last year I dieted like you and all it did for me is make me miserable. This year I dieted a little easier and still got to 8-9% and barely a little more fat. It’s not worth all the trouble to me.

In order for you to become ripped, you must go through certain stages. For example, You must not take your calorie intake from 3500 to 2000 in a day or two. You must decrese your calorie intake gradually. Dieting is very important in becoming ripped, although there is also the fact that your muscle needs to be trained as well. For example doing mass exercises to become ripped is wrong. In order for the muscle to become “ripped” you need to use weights that are not to hard and not to easy, the point is to keep a continous strain on the muscle. Taking a 25-50 second break between each set, and a 45-55 second break between each excercise really works. Also you need to put in a high protein and calcium diet as well. When your muscle contracts, calcium ions travel across the sarcoplasmic reticulum so that the fibers in your muscle may contract. When loading up on calcium in your diet your muscle contractions will be good, and you could see results in a good 2 weeks. Working out in the morning on an empty stomach Jogging at a constant rait for 15-25 minutes everyday and drinking PLENTY of water should help A LOT! Also, you would need to take a glutamine supplement so that your body can recover faster, especially when you are dieting, your glutamine intake will decrease, and GLUTAMINE IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR RECOVERY. Remember that weight lifting, body building, or becoming ripped takes time so you just have to hang in there. Like they say good things come to those who wait.

156 lbs and not ripped? Are you about 4’2"?

Training heavy is very important while dieting. If you switch to lighter weights while cutting then you will lose muscle.

To be honest it sounds like you need to take some serious time off and let your body recover completely. Continue on the track you are on and you are just going to get fat from slow metaboliam and binging!! you could severly sabotage your metabolism if you dont ease off! put the desire to get ripped on hold so you can get back on track and start when you recover fully, probably months from now. good luck

I am on my week 5 of steroid dieting. I started it with low bodyfat, I could see all my abs and ribs it was just the last damn 10 pounds that are so hard to lose. I have lost about 5-6 pounds of fat, my weight fluctuates by as much as 10 lbs because of the water retention after carb ups. I still have some fat around love handles and lower abs. I take androspray, mag10, T3, EC stack, methoxy and now bromocriptine. Just like you, I am getting fed up with dieting, maybe two more weeks and I am done. Something that really helped me to stay sane were large meals twice a week, where I ate as much as I could, protein fat and carbs(fruits mostly). Two-three large meals a week also keep the leptine levels up. I tried to arrange them around my workouts. Don’t give up on your diet, next time you go to the gym, eat a large meal 30-60 minutes earlier and after you come from the gym eat as much as you can until you stomach hurts. In my case it takes the pressure off, but still it is pretty tiring psychologically to be contantly starving.


In your post you mentioned a lot about diet and suppliments but kind of brushed over the training end of things “cardio after weights”, personally as far as getting ripped I’ve noticed that there’s a huge difference between low intensity cardio and high intensity cardio. I’ve also read studies that show that while low intensity cardio reduces mostly visceral fat (deep fat, inside the abdominal cavity for example), high intensity cardio reduces both visceral fat and a significant amount of subcutaneous fat - the kind just under the skin. If you want to look ripped it’s really subcutaneous fat that you want to target. Like a lot of the others have said, give yourself a big rest from it all first to get your metabolism, immunity and will power back up to speed, then when you start up again I’d seriously suggest putting together a HIIT program (high intensity interval training). It’s very tough at first to get up first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and go do intervals of jogging and hardcore sprinting, but I’ll tell you NOTHING ever got me more ripped than HIIT training. It made a huge difference for me.