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Losing Weight Yet BF Stays the Same?


I'm sorry for troubling you guys with my problems again but I'm so confused.

I started out at 204lbs -- 20% BF
6 weeks later I'm at 199lbs -- 20% BF

In the meanwhile I've done TBT, am now in my second week of Waterbury Method. No cardio yet, clean diet with carb cycling. At least 200gr. of protein daily and carb cycling with 100gr, 150gr and 200gr carb days (the high days on training days).

What am I doing wrong? I know it's just 5lbs. but still I'm worried. I'm losing about a pound a week and my BF stays the same. For what it's worth my physical appearance is improving, I've never felt better and my muscles are growing for sure... I just don't get it.


Chances are that your BF measurements were off. It is not an exact science by any means.

Use the mirror, how you feel, and how you perform as the most valid measures of your progress.


Since you are cycling carbs,

How, where, and when are measuring weight loss and fat loss?


I hope that's the case, but if it is how will I ever know at what BF% I'm at?

If it clears up anything, my gym has a electronic weight scale with built in BF option, that's the one I've been using for it.


Electronic scale, gym, every Monday before I hit the weights.


Like Eric said, just use your performance in the gym as an indicator. As long as you're making progress, whether it be doing an extra few reps, or increasing the weight, I wouldn't worry.

BTW, a pound a week is a good rate of fat loss to avoid losing strength or muscle, keep up the good work.


An autopsy is the only way to know for sure. DEXA scans are great, but not accessible for a lot of people (or financially agreeable, for that matter). It's just a number; don't worry about it.

Bingo. There's a ton of fluctuation on those scales, especially if you take the measurement at different times of day with different hydration status.


yep. those electronic scales are lame and terribly inaccurate.

try taking some measurements with a measuring tape - and for a dude, your waist measurement is probably going to be one of your best indicators.

and it sounds like you're doing an awful lot, but 5 lbs. in 6 weeks? that just don't sound right...


Thanks for the positive comments all, I guess I won't worry about it until I degress in an exercise consistently.

The mirror is my best help I guess.