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Losing Weight Without Training


Stupid Q i know, obvious answer to drop calories, anything else i can do help?

I got punched from behind by an arsehole wearing a set of knuckle dusters, got 2 rotated vertebrae (C1 & C2), 2 compressed vertebrae (C6 & C7) & nerve damage, my doctoes have told me NO physical activity for 2 weeks, then light work for an unknown period of time, who knows when i can strength train again - anyway, i need to do all i can to keep my weight low...


So how disabled are you with the 2 rotated vertebrae and 2 compressed? Cause if you can't move without hurting it's pretty much calorie restriction and eating good foods.

Are you able to do light swimming? Be low impact on you spine...perhaps good for rehab as well. But I'm no doctor.


nah FA - doc says NOTHING for 2 weeks. It was yesterday he told me & im already stir-crazy


I personally recommend CLA.

When I was on that I ate whatever, lost weight, and got stronger.


Perhaps eating/drinking more liquid meals as well would aid in weight loss. It works for the V-Diet.

Do you gain weight easily (previously lost, don't want to gain back) or still need to lose weight?


I guess its more a case of not wanting to put it on, lol - im obviously going to lose muscle & get smoother, id like to minimise it lose - i think im realistically out of the game for 6 months...


One of those things that your going to learn how to except however, I sorry that it came in the way it did.

I wish the best for you!


Just watch your food and let yourself heal. You are talking about 2 weeks in the span of your life. Do it right, let yourself heal and be done with it. If you screw around, your injury could linger or even get worse.