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Losing Weight Without Losing Strength

Im looking a little fat nowadays. Especially in my stomach. I wanna loose that, dont wanna be cut or anything, just not flabby. But I am wondering how much cardio I can do without loosing much strength?

Time isnt a factor.

im in the same boat as you. i need to lose bad weight without losing mass.

You could walk for an 30mins to an hour each day and you wouldn’t lose any strength. Walk 5-7 days a week and see what happens with your weight. Otherwise I guess you’ll have to screw around with your diet and then things get very complicated.

I think people have gotten too scared of losing muscle mass when it’s really not a problem for the majority of people. I think it’s a much bigger problem for people that use steroids. They grow larger then they normally could so of course when they lose weight their body wants to shed muscle as well as fat.

I’ve lost 25lbs this year, all while getting stronger. When in a calorie deprived state of course you aren’t going to be as strong, but it doesn’t mean you lost muscle. That strength comes back as soon as you add calories back in. That has been my experience anyway.

I suggest just pick any diet that works for you and do it. For me I just cut out carbs except for veggies and beans.

I was thinking maybe just a jog or walk every other day. Not changing my diet, my family is pretty short on money so watever my mom buys I eat, dont really have a choice.

Pffft, just drop the calories/clean up the diet enough to slowly lose the weight, and your strength/muscle mass will be fine…