Losing Weight for Upcoming Football Season

I am currently trying to lose weight for my upcoming college football season. I talked to my coach last week and he wants me to weigh 240. Currently I am at 255 and will be playing Fullback this fall. I have read articles on the website and feel that I should go with Meltdown training for the next three weeks and see what kind of results I get with that. On top of meltdown training, I will have two speed sessions with my teammates on mondays and wednesdays.
As far as diet goes, I have also been reading up and have come up with somewhat of a makeshift plan.

4 Egg Whites
1 Slice of Cheese
1/2 cup of oatmeal
20g whey protein
1 Apple
2 HOT-ROX Extreme
3 Fish Oil Capsules

Protein Bar
Not sure what else to have because I will be at work most of the time

1 Large Chicken Breast
Salad with tomatoes,spinach,carrots
3 fish oil capsules

1 serving of Surge
Post Workout
1 serving of Surge with 5 g of creatine

Red Meat
Broccoli or Green Beans

Before Bed
40g Metabolic Drive
3 fish oil caps

I also just received plenty of Metabolic Drive, Surge, BCAA, and ZMA from my order. If anyone has any suggestions or criticisms I would truly appreciate them.

Meltdown would be the worst thing for you; you’re an athlete, so you need to train like one.

It’s shameless self-promotion, but this would be a good read on the training end of things:

Also, where in Mass are you? Stop by and meet up with me in Waltham and we’ll talk some shop.

PS - Ask your coach if he would mind having you at 255 if you were leaner, stronger, and faster. Weight is just a number; don’t do anything stupid/drastic.