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Losing Weight For Upcoming Fight

Hi all,
This is my first post on T-Nation. (I have been lurking for a while, so much to read and learn)
I am training for an upcoming full contact lei tai fight in maryland July 28th. Me and the two other fighters from my school started training 8 weeks out, and now that I have only about 4 weeks left to train, I need to start watching my weight so I can make a certain class.

We train on average 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. Mostly heavy cardio and sparring, techniques, etc. I also hit the gym 3x a week doing Rippetoes.

Thing is that I am naturally skinny and have been cramming my face with (clean) food just to maintain my weight. I am 6’2, 173lbs, 18yrs old. I would say my bf% is around 10-12%, roughly.

As much as I don’t want to lose get any skinnier, I have to lose weight to at least 167lbs to make weight, as the other two fighters will be in the 2 weights above me as I am the lightest to start with.

So I am asking for recommendations as to what supplements and nutrition advice you all can give me regarding dropping a few excess pounds of fat while retaining the muscle that I have worked very hard for.

Get JB’s Book: Grapplers Guide to Nutrition

It’s worked like a charm for me

[quote]TwoScoops wrote:
Get JB’s Book: Grapplers Guide to Nutrition

It’s worked like a charm for me[/quote]

i second that, its not just aimed at grapplers, all combat athletes should have on their shelf. Try not to cut water (sauna, diuretics etc.) either, it can affect your chin in a striking match, especially if dont have 24hrs between weighing in & fighting.