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Losing Weight for Girls

so ive got a friend who is trying to lose some weight…

I know what works for me and I managed to lose 20%+ of my bodyweight a few years ago…

so Im trying to give some general advice to her,

basically, she reckons she is getting fatter, she is not skinny but she is quite curvy, some would say she is chubby…

anyway, she has 3 kids, and works fulltime so admittedly time to do stuff during the week is tough, my belief is that its 50% diet+ 50% training, or even a higher % of diet…

so if she cant do training, then to target her diet,

she has 3 meals a day, quite a small eater, and I noticed that she ate pastries/muffins for morning tea,

so after a few months, Ive managed to get her off muffins/pastries, shes cut down on alcohol (she likes girl cocktails which are full of calories)

but her weight hasn’t changed…

her diet is ok, no take aways, the odd chocolate, not too many fatty things, simple carbs low to moderate…

what else can she do, ive suggested a hour walk on weekends,

also, having breakfast within 5 minutes of getting up, (she normally has it 2 hours after she gets up)

More exercise.

Lots of women are really good at the diet part but unless you give your body the physical stimulus to change it’s more than happy to sit at the “set” point it’s at.

It also LOVES to hold on to fat.

She needs to make time, I know it can be hard for busy people but maybe waking up earlier or something.

Ghost is right. She really just needs to exercise more. However, exercise doesn’t have to be going to the gym. It could be taking her kids to the park, going for a family bike ride, going swimming at the neighborhood pool, etc.

Have her read “The New Fit or Fat” by Covert Bailey. It’ll clear a few things up about why the only cure for being overweight is exercise. Not nutrition. Very interesting stuff. Might want to get a copy yourself too! :slight_smile:

I’ve become very skeptical of these people who are getting fatter while eating so little food.

When I verify it for myself, with people I know who are asking for help, that rarely turns out to be true. When people casually report what they are eating, they generally underestimate their calories and portion sizes, and they forget about the handful of this or that, and don’t think it’s important.

When you get a TRUE food log that includes portion sizes actually measured, not estimated, the mystery usually disappears. Actually, just making people keep this log seems to cause fat loss. It’s magical. :slight_smile:

And BTW, one hour of walking will burn 200 calories (or less), so in theory that will take off a pound of fat after 17 weeks or so.

Thanks everyone,

well for me, what worked was 10km power walks 4 times per week + a clean diet + 5 times per week in the gym, and 20%+ bodyweight came off.

I actually have seen her diet and her portions are quite small, she has a small appetite, the only thing is she’ll maybe drink twice per week, and each time it would be 2-3 cocktails or vodkas with soda,

I know these aren’t very good but somehow I don’t think these are the deciding factors,

do you think 2-3 x 20 min powerwalks be the ultimate fat burner for her?

The most impressive transformation I’ve seen in person was a good childhood friend of mine. She went from curvy/plump to traffic-stopping perfect figure in about a year. (Literally; cars honk and nearly crash when she crosses the street.) She ate very little (mostly salad and fish) and went on brisk walks, building up to daily jogs. It’s not very T-Nation, I realize, but she was never interested in muscular strength, just in losing weight, and you can’t argue with results.