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Losing Weight Fast After Test Cypionate Cycle

Was doing only 0.5 ml every 5 days of cyponate for 12 week… Now I stopped 2 Weeks ago and weight been going down so fast! Went from. 87 to 85 in a. 3 Days!.. What’s going on!?

Normal. Likely some water weight.

When using AAS, weightlifters would gain weight about ten days in, which was around 10 pounds for me. Once going off, the weight would drop in about two weeks.

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But not in 3 days!?

Yes in 3 days.

More like one. There would be a 10lb gain almost overnight. Wake up, look in the mirror, boom, where did those traps come from? Going off steroids, again, about a week or so later, gone as fast.

So. I’m. Not losing my muscle lol?

When i read post like this its really concerning.
It shows you didnt do proper research before using gear.

Everyone knows (that is that has done thier homework) that when you come off cycle you will lose water weight and probably a portion of your gains (depending on the variables of where you started, pct, diet, training, etc)

Take some time and do your homework it makes you look less ignorant. It doesn’t take a steroid expert to know this type of stuff bro


I know these feels. I’m 25 days since my last shot of Test E 500mg/wk. PCT is 50mg Clomid a day, on 11th.

Down from 225lbs… to 213 today! God make it stop. I’m not keep track of calories but eating like 500g of chicken a day. Rice and Broccoli. A couple protein shakes. Peanut butter and walnuts. Berries and oatmeal in protein smoothie… Still try to push it hard in the gym but strength is down and I can feel pains I wasn’t feeling on cycle. Starting to question if it was worth it… the risk and all.

Anyone who says ‘I took a volume of test’ rather than a dose shouldn’t be messing around with this stuff.


Some questions I wanna ask so I can learn!
Do. I lose my. Gains after test cycle if I still keep the gains I made? If I lose how much do. I lose?

Google is your friend, use it.

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You guys are hilarious. Wait until you’ve done enough cycles that you gain maybe 3 pounds a cycle and keep it on lol. Rapid weight loss from cycling is almost always glycogen, water, and some muscle tissue.


3 lbs of LBM is pretty significant for an advanced bodybuilder, can you still gain that much on cycle?

Two kilo drop is nothing, could be a million different things

When someone tells me that they take a cc of something it triggers me so bad lol

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Idk rly but I did gain 4 kilos on the cyponate low dose and I was eating right.