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Losing Weight Doing Olympic Lifting (Female)



Everywhere I look online it says Olympic Lifting should aid in weight loss. I want to compete but my fat is keeping me out of my weight class and I can’t compete with the larger framed/stronger women.

I’ve been lifting 3 times a week for the past 6 months. I actually do HIIT on elliptical on my off days and some left over lifts like drop snatches, snatch pulls, presses, whatever. I’m not “new” to the Olympic Lifting sport as I’ve been around it my whole life and started training in 7th grade (now 27…) but I’m back at it and starting to train pretty heavily.

I’m nearly two weight classes more than I should be. I’m 155 lb at 5’ 4" but I should be under 130. I was 155 lb when I started and 155 now six months later. I have lost 0 lbs. I’m obviously leaner but have no wiggle room in any of my clothing. What the hell do I need to do?

My diet/supplements looks a bit like this:
Breakfast: 30 g protein shake made with milk, 5 g creatine, taurine
Lunch: Meat and cheese
Dinner: Rice, Meat Veggie
During Workout: BCAA, taurine
Post Workout: 30 g protein shake made with milk, taurine
Snacks: Ice Cream, veggie/meat/cheese in some form, fruit snacks (because… yeah…).

Besides the large amounts of dairy I eat…


Olympic weightlifting is excellent for your body when the whole package is executed. Doing 9 near max snatches and 6 max cleans are not very taxing on your metabolic system. Especially as an inefficient (newer) lifter. If you’re not sweating or breathing heavy, you’re probably not burning calories.

Are you spending enough time doing long sets of pulls & high volume squatting? This will yield your best strength gains while likely putting you at a caloric deficit.

Now, more importantly to your actual weight is diet. You can not out train a bad diet. Look into RP dieting. It is huge among top lifters.