Losing Weight By Exercise, Squats

I keep running across articles about how hard it is to lose weight by exercise, but aren’t they paying attention to squats? I always lose fat when my exercise programs are planned around squats, and squatting slightly below parallel. Is this being over looked or are people just too lazy to do their squats? Keep in mind I keep a clean diet, so I’m not saying squats are a miracle working exercise, but still you all should see my point.


I’ve never lost weight doing squats; just got incredibly hungry (and horny). I’ve found kettlebells and some sprinting take off weight.

When I was younger it didn’t matter what I did physically if I cleaned up my lifestyle a little bit the pounds would puddle at my feet. Since I turned 40 my metabolism has all but come to a screeching halt.

I’ve had the same problem. I’ve had to do as many leg exercises as the rest of my muscle groups combined to lose any weight.