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Losing Weight But Not Body Fat


A few things you should know about me...

A. Use to lean up using CKD (cyclic ketogenic diets). Before and after pic is used in my avatar. (now for 3 years I look like my before pic)

B. Past three years had alot of health issues that have slowly gotten corrected. I am now on armour thryoid, TRT, and low dosed prednisone.

C. No longer have the desire or perseverance to follow super strict diet or CKDs.

With that being said at one point was up to 24% body fat. Got down over the past year to 20%. Then started working out/exercising and cleaned up diet and got to 18% and plateaued.

So I came up with the thought that I would do mainly proteins, some fat, low carb, and med. fiber intake at breakfast and lunch and then have a normal meal with dessert at dinner :slight_smile:

My thought process was as long as I kept my calories below maintenance and kept protein and fiber moderately high that I would lean up some more.

So for a couple of weeks I did this and went from 190 at 18% to 186 at 19%. So I just turned into skinny fat.

I know this isn't the best diet but trying to figure out a LIFESTYLE that I can LIVE with. I admit I love sweets so was trying to find a way to keep them in my diet in moderation.

My goal in eating this way was to get to around 14-15% and then when I was ready and motivated cut out sweets and get on down to 10-12%. But it didnt work.

Here is the way I was eating...

Breakfast: (9am)
4 Free range Eggs from local farm
4 Egg Whites
Then I would either do a slice of ezekiel bread
Protein shake (20gms whey) plus 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup of canned pineapple no syrup, 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal.
Water with lime juice

Lunch: (1PM)
Half of bag of frozen veggies warmed up in microwave
40-50 grams of protein from either chicken tenders, extra lean ground beef, or lean pork chops
Water with lime juice

Shake: (4PM)
40 grams of whey protein

Dinner: (8PM)
Usually a meat with a good starch (potato, brown rice, whole grain pasta, etc.), and some type of vegetable. Finally I would have my treat like a brownie with some ice cream.

Anyways I lost weight so my calories were in check but I lost lean muscle tissue and put on fat. Again I didnt expect to get ripped off this but hoped it would be a way to eat to get me to a health body fat percentage of 15%.

I love food and don't want to do the stric diet lifestyle year round. It appealed to me when I was younger and in college. But married, working, with child I just dont want to go super strict.

Any suggestions on changing the diet to get me from my 19% to 15% without real restrictive dieting.

Any help is appreciated.

In terms of training I do DCT three days a week. On days I don't train I sometimes play tennis basketball or golf. Again though I lost weight...that wasn't the issue. The problem is I lost lean muscle tissue and gained body fat.


A Skinny Fat Depressed Dude


Clean hogh fat IF. Got myself down to currently approx 8%. (Lean as in avatar but 10-15lbs heavier). The approach in romaniello's new book is basicly what i've used.


putter - are you saying you did a clean diet, high in fat, with intermediate fasting?

Due to my adrenal issues not eating during the day is not an option. I get bad low blood sugar if this is done.


Thats exactly what i'm syaing. re the blood sugar, So does everyone at first, progressively increase the fasting period and your bldies ability to regulate your blood sugar improves. I reccomend reading the book. But yes thats what i did and still do, 16-20 hour fast with a 4-8 hour eating window. Always clean, fat always relatively hogh by most standards (120-180g on a 2.4k calorie diet)


I agree with this. Highish fat, high protein and lowish carb IF is the best way i have found to eat. its enjoyable and gets good results, at least so far (only been on it for 1 month). if you like your dessert, try to hold it to every second night or something like that. but if you do choose to have it every night, i still think that IF is a great strategy for helping you fit it in to your macro goals.

Putter, what book are you referring to? Eat Stop Eat???


I agree it does facilitate the IIFYM approach and does allow for desserts and such if you are so inclined.

And the book i meant was Engineering the Alpha by john romaniello