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Losing Weight at a Worrying Rate


Basically,I play high level rugby at u20s level,playing at prop and hooker.I was up at 104 kilos about 3 weeks ago.I ran out of supplements,i.e. protein and weight gainer,and since then,although I've been eating A LOT I've been losing a kilo or more every week.For example,we weigh in before every match,and there's been a steady decline in the last 3 weeks,I slipped down to just above 100 there yesterday.

The reason I didn't buy more weight gainer is because I didn't need to gain more weight,but am I right in saying I need to take it year round to get enough calories to maintain?Or could there be another reason for this such as lack of water intake,vitamin deficiency or anything like that??


It sounds like it could be a lack of calories to me but to say for sure you'd need to figure out how many calories you were eating before and what you're down to now. I'd also do that for your protein intake. Most weight gainers and better protein supplements do have vitamins added in, but I doubt that's the reason for weight loss. As far as the whole calories/protein/water thing goes, you need to just figure our your before and afters and I'm willing to bet the answer will be pretty obvious at that point.


Then you should try eating more calorie dense food.


I'm no expert, but I don't necesarilly believe in the calories-in vs. calories-out model. If you're eating around the same number of calories than you were, then it could likely be a result of many factors, but my first guess would be hormone-related. I watched my own mother lose about fifteen pounds in a matter of a couple of weeks due to a LOT of stress (we're talking massive family crisis here).

Water balance is a big factor that can easily influence weight fluctuation in the short-term. Water balance is affected by not just the amount of water you drink, but also the amounts of salts you are consuming.

I should have included this point first, but it is also very unlikely that your body "decided to metabolize 4kg of lean body mass" on a whim - it seems very inefficient from an energy standpoint, and maladaptive from a biological perspective.

My biggest point should be common sense - you should let your body's feedback be your guide.


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I would suggest a more manly sport like Billards or Darts. You never see a thin darts player.


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Yeah, those laws of thermodynamics are just bullshit. Do you believe in perpetual motion machines, as well?


I'm simply saying that there's more factors involved in weight gain and loss than the number of calories consumed vs. burned. The calories in vs. calories out model is overly simplistic and ignores factors like hormones and osmotic balance.

I think EVERY author on this site who has written ANYTHING about nutrition would agree with that.

As I mentioned above, I witnessed my own mother lose about fifteen pounds in a period of less than two weeks while maintaining the same exact dietary habits and level of physical activity, during a period of intense stress. No change in energy in or energy out. Please humor me and try to explain how that happened, in terms of thermodynamics.


I can go up and down weight at the drop of a hat.

Just thinking, its pre season. Are you doing extra work on the 'fitness' front? Playing more games/more training sessions? Overall volume of work?

Sleeping enough?


She burned more calories.

Measuring calories in is relatively simple. Measuring calories out isn't. Like you said, the body is very complicated.